Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Am So Behind!

I cannot seem to post more than once a week here lately. I just seem to stay busy with one thing or another. Being pregnant I tend to nap when Justice takes his afternoon nap, which used to be the time for blogging. So, here I am again finally. Since last week I have gone to Carrolton, GA to visit my mom's side of the family. It was a nice visit. Justice got to meet his great, great aunt, the sister of my grandfather who died in WWII before my mom was born even. I learned quite a bit about my family's background. It is so important to get that information while you can. I would encourage you to talk to your families about memories, traditions, habits, physical appearances, and family relationships from the old times. I enjoyed looking at pictures and seeing where some of my features came from passed down from my mother.

Titus moves more and more inside of me. It is one of the greatest things about being pregnant is feeling your baby move. It is like they are communicating with you. I feel like when Titus moves he is saying, "Hey Momma!" I love it. I can just feel his personality I think. Justice didn't move a whole lot and I could just sense a calm nature in him. He turned out to be very laid back and calm for the most part. I think I am in for it with Titus. I bet you he will be a fiesty little thing who is a bundle of energy and loves to be active. He will be a fun kid I am sure. I cannot wait to see Justice and Titus together growing up as close brothers. What a blessing! As for the pregnacy, it is getting hard. For the past couple of weeks I have had such bad indigestions/heartburn every night. I have tried eating more bland foods and taking tums, but still get it. So, doc suggested Pepsid AC, so I will try that and see how it goes. I am hoping well! Titus' heartbeat was good at a steady 144. I go back on Dec. 12th and do the fun sugar test.

Justice is doing so great with walking. I am so impressed with him. He still has an affinity for crawling, but is walking with more and more ease. I am very pleased! He had a doc. appmnt. today for which we found out he has an ear infection in both ears and had no idea. He picks at his ears, but he has always done that. Poor buddy! He also had two shots, that was no fun, but he is a trooper. I also figured out what to do about his patchy skin in places. I tried hydrocortisone cream, switched detergents and baby wash, but to no avail, it just got worse. So the pedi said that we out to bath him every other day, used Dove or Cetaphil Sensitive Skin, and use a healing sensitive skin lotion on his arms often. So, I did the cream twice today and such a difference did it make!

Well, that is all I have for now. Blessings!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Halloween Pics, A Week Later

We had such a fun time dressing Justice up for the first time this Halloween. Since he was only 3 mos. old last year we did not bother doing this. So, we dressed him up as Tigger as you can see. He was sooooo adorable! We stayed home and passed out candy to the cute trick or treaters. Since it was a very mild night we let him crawl around on our porch and greet the visitors. He enjoyed seeing all the little children come up with their costumes on. We actually had him say, "roar," as he crawled around and I even got it on video. It was just the best time.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Outdoors, Walking, & Cleaning

This little boy just loves to be outside! It is still just so amazing to me. When he is inside he busily moves from one thing to another, but when he is outside a calmness falls over him. He will just sit in the grass and look around, mezmorized by the sounds, smells, feelings, and sights he gets. I enjoy watching him in those moments discover God's creation. He is all about it and want to go outside at every opportunity. We can't hardly open our front door without a fit to go outside. It has been hard with the weather turning colder to go out much, but we try at every good chance we get.

As I wrote in my last post, I am getting more and more pleased at his walking. He is doing it more and more. We went to visit with some friends today who are the same age and walking and he took more steps than he has before. I think they truly give him motivation to get up and going. It is fun to watch him try to immitate their walking. He is doing a good job.

Mommy is also doing a good job with her cleaning. I have been really trying to look at my house as my job. When I was working I was a worker bee. I always gave 110% and sought the approval of my boss. Since being home I guess I haven't really seen my cleaning through that same motivation. So, I am trying to get into gear and seek to please the Lord with the position He has given me. My earthly leader in my husband has also been pleased with my accomplishments. So, while Justice is napping and I am writing I will end this post to go and see what else I can scrub, pick up, or fold. Have a blessed day!