Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How the Time has Flown!

(written in April, **written 5/21)
Boy it has been awhile since I have updated this blog. I really want to do better than this. Has it really been 3 whole mos. since I have been here? No way, it has! Well, lots of changes in our lives. Titus had his surgery back on January 29th and it went pretty well. We survived at least. It was a tough go. He did really well the first couple of days with really minor discomfort. He slept most of the time at first and seemed pretty content. After that though he was pretty tough with his sleep and was fussier for that first week. The second week was better as he had his catheter removed and was much happier.

The day after his surgery we closed on our new home! I was so excited to have this come to fruition, my dream home. About a week after closing we moved in on February 9th. My stress level decreased dramatically with the boys having their own room. It was a pretty easy transition. Justice seemed to go with the flow pretty well. Titus didn’t do very well at night, but that may have been from the surgery and he got a cold the end of February. Finally about the time of his first birthday, he got in a great rhythm of sleeping through the night. Finally!

Titus had his first birthday on March 5th. We had a small get together with my mother and ate BBQ, had cake and opened gifts. It was a St. Patty’s day theme as it was March. It was a blessing to celebrate my little guy’s first year. It was a tough year with RSV, surgery, sleeping in the living room, but glad to have his addition to our lives. He has enriched us so much with his sweet, yet serious side. At a year old, Titus cruises very well. He crawls very fast and will often crawl on his hands and feet with his booty up in the air so his knees aren’t on the carpet. He will especially do this when he is in shorts. He says “momma” “dada” and babbles with “ba”, “da”, and “may-may.” We hope he starts to talk more, adding new words, soon. He loves to be read to. His favorite book is about Trucks and gets excited and bounces as I read it to him. He loves to be outside. I put him out in the yard and he takes off crawling all over. When we go to the park he loves to swing and play in the sand. He is very content to play independently, but is also very affectionate and will crawl at full speed to come see me and cuddle.
**He is now starting to walk at 14 mos., he isn't walking full time, but more and more, and he is so cute doing it. It is like he is holding on for dear life. He has also cut 4 more teeth since April and now has 8 all together, 4 on top, and 4 on the bottom. He is adorable showing his little teeth as he smiles!
Justice is a little boy growing up. He is talking more and more and can just about repeat anything you say. You have to be careful with what you say. He uses more sentences now, but still uses his own little language, which is totally Greek to us. Justices is still into balls, trucks, books, and whatever Titus has. Everything belongs to him; at least that is what he thinks. He loves to swing and slide at the park and we go very often. We go on walks with them and he runs along as I stroll Titus. Justice is still a very picky eater, but his favorite food is chicken and whenever we pass a Sonic or Chick-fil-a his exclaims “CHICKEN.” He is just adorable. My favorite thing he does is when he runs up to me saying “Momma, momma, momma” and puts his head into me and I give him a big hug and kiss as he smiles. What a doll he is!
**Justice's speech is progressing a lot more now. He is repeating some good sentences from us and I am very happy to hear that from him.

On other news, we put our old house on the market for 30 days and we have a contract on it to sell. It is due to close on May 19th. God has really taken care of us! We are blessed!
**I wrote this a little while ago, we did close on the house on Monday. It is so exciting to have that behind us! I hope to get back to blogging now. It is so important to keep track of what is going on in my life and the life of my children to be able to look back on.