Sunday, November 16, 2008

DIY Personalized Gift Basket for girlfriend,sister,mother

DIY gift basket for a personalized Christmas Gift to a Girlfriend, Sister, or Mother
Sometimes purchasing just one Christmas gift for a special girlfriend, sister, or mother is not as personalized as you would like, or does not quite seem to accurately express your love for her. For these times, the only thing to do is a "Do It Yourself" personalized gift basket. Then you will have the gift exactly fitting to the person that you want.
Before you get started on your DIY personalized gift basket, think about that special lady in your life whether a mother, sister or friend. What are her interests, hobbies, or current events happening in here life? Is she going on a Christmas vacation to an exotic island, on a cruise, on a snow-filled Christmas ski trip? Has she recently moved into a new house or will soon be relocating to a new city or town.
The written word may be the thing for your special lady is drawn to. Preparing a basket to help her enjoy that escape may be just the right gift. Giving her a gift card to a bookstore is just the start for this present. Think about the essentials to make an evening curling up to a good book an event and not just something to do. Combine the gift card with some fragrant tea, an embroidered fleece throw, a personalized hazelnut candle, decadent chocolate, and a monogrammed book mark. Add anything that would enhance her enjoyment of her favorite pastime.
May be your friend is all about traveling and experiencing the world. You can make her travels a reminder of your friendship by giving her accessories to wear along the way and travel goodies to use. If going to the beach is wear she frequents you can’t go wrong with a monogrammed shell pendant and earrings to go with her surroundings, and embroidered baseball cap to keep the sun out of her face, and an extra large embroidered beach towel. Don’t forget after sun care cream and an embroidered bath wrap to end the day with. Think about where she visits most and make your gift selections to match.
Your mother or mother-in-law may be a great hostess and throwing the perfect party is her thing. Maybe she is a socialite and loves attending charity events. Help her be the perfect hostess with a gift basket full of entertaining pieces such as an engraved cutting board, engraved acrylic pitcher and serving tray, napkin ring holders, and scented monogrammed soap to adorn her guest bathroom. For outings to dinner parties, the opera, or fancy restaurant great classic jewelry pieces such as a monogrammed sterling silver ornate pendant, sterling silver round ring, and a monogrammed sterling silver thin wide cuff bracelet are a great way to help her complete her elegant nighttime look. She will feel special and stand out at her events with your special touch.
You can’t go wrong with giving your sister or mother family remembrance items. Great items to go with this every person basket are charming photo books, engraved picture frames, or personalized pewter lockets to display their family photos with. Put together a video with special family memories, handmade Christmas ornaments or framed children’s artwork to give your loved one to help her remember family even when they are away. Making a special effort to remind her of her families love will touch her heart and yours… A DIY personalized gift basket will definitely touch the heart of your special friend, mother, or sister, and rest assured that they will remember your gift this Christmas.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Monogrammed Hammered Jewelry

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Be Blessed!

Activities and Changes

Quick Update. Life is busy with two toddlers. I rarely get a chance to collect my thoughts, let alone post them. Our boys are growing up doing lots of things. This fall we have been busy with activities and changes. Justice started preschool after Labor Day and has thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so glad I decided to send him. He has gotten so much out of it. His speech has improved and has greatly diminished his "Justice talk." He loves his little classmates and teacher Miss Donna. He talks about going all the time. He has learned songs and has solidified his colors. Days when he goes gives me an opportunity to spend time with Titus and run errands with him. We have gotten our tags renewed, taken Titus' portraits, gone to the grocery store, Target runs, etc. It is good for Titus to have some time to enhance his speech. He is not very verbal yet and we are focusing on getting that going. Titus is however very smart and mechanical. He loves to figure out how things work, take things apart, stack them, and put them together. He is loads of fun to watch. We have also taken a Mommy & Me Music Class on Mondays where both boys have really gotten a lot out of. Titus particulary loves the hand movements like Itsy Bitsy spider and Five Fat Peas. Justice loves the action songs like the Trott Trott song, humpy dumpty, and jump Johnny Giraffe where we march around the room. We will end class this Monday, but start up again in January. The boys have enjoyed it so much. We also started Justice in a Start Smart Soccer program, which ended up being more work than I anticipated. He really wasn't quite ready for structured sports. The program consisted of running drills with mom/dad's direction. He participated about 50% of the time, mostly he wanted to point out the planes flying over, playing with the sister of one of the children, and running around. But, it was a good time to get him out and get some exercise, but I think he needs another year before I get him involved in anything like that again. He did get a certificate and trophy to keep. Both boys had their first Dentist appointments which both went surprisingly well. Titus didn't want to let the hygenist look at his teeth, but the dentist had me sit Titus in my lap and put Titus' head in his lap and he cleaned his teeth with authority. They are really good with working with little ones. Justice did awesome, he let them brush his teeth with the special toothbrush and floss as well as do a little scraping too. Titus had his second urinary surgery this past week and hopefully his last surgery EVER! I hated having him go through that and the pain afterwards was worse than the first time. Changes to come soon include a new church, new addition to our home with a sunroom and extra bedroom, and a new addition to our family. Yes, I am expecting our 3rd little one in June/July. I am excited and feeling good so far at 5 weeks. It is a surprise, but a good one.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Monogrammed Copper Jewelry

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Be Blessed!
…and Thanks for your time

Friday, September 05, 2008

Our Summer

Lots going on! The summer was a mix of busy and slow. Hot days kept us in the house a lot, but weekends and vacations made the summer go by pretty fast. The 4th of July was a blast with a trip to the lake and fireworks. We were blessed to have had one last visit with Ron's father in Wyoming. We took both boys and the trip went better than we could have imagined. Titus was really drawn to Ron's dad and would walk by him and smile. Ron's father later passed away on August 4th and is now with the Lord in Heaven. He fought his fight with cancer bravely. Ron's sister came and paid us a visit with her 2 year old son Owen. It was a blast hanging out. We went to the water park, out to eat at Mikata, and took the kids to the park to swing. Owen is a bundle of energy. The beginning of August Ron and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! It feels like it went by fast, yet it feels like we have been together forever. The boys and I took off for Florida the next day for a week of fun, swimming and family time with my mom, sister and her children. Justice has turned into a really good swimmer with his floaties on. He has such a good time. Titus also loved the sand. He was however really sick, which was a little bit of a bummer. It was a wonderful time! Ron got back from his father's funeral a few days after we got back from the beach. We had some more lake outings and lots of fun together as a family.

The boys are getting older and so much fun. They have tons of energy and are super cute. Justice continues to get more aware of himself and things around him. He picks up things we say or hears on his shows. He tells everyone that leaves to make sure they were their seatbelts (got it from Dora/Little Bill). He loves his little collections of things such as the trucking equipment from Bob the Builder, Blues Clues and WowWow Wubsy figures. He will line them all up and tell us what each one is. He likes the word "No" and uses it more and more now even when he wants something he says no. Justice started preschool this week. He cries when I drop him off, but I think he has fun. The teachers say he does really good and is a good sharer.

Titus is a good walker now, and is getting faster. He loves to run to me and wrap his arms around my neck and I pick him up. He is very affectionate. He is still such a little thing and I just want to eat him up. He is also very sneaky. When he wants something Justice he waits for him to put whatever it is down and Titus swoops in and runs off with it no matter if Justice was done or not. He is a smart little fella, he loves to stack things and put things together likes puzzles. He isn't talking very much yet, but says "Yeah" and "Da" and "Ah" a lot. He is a TV head just like his brother. He is so precious and sweet. Both of my boys are so beautiful and special!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Lot Going On

Hello Everyone,
Lots going on. Boys are busily growing up. Titus is now WALKING! It is so adorable too! Justice is advancing his educational skills, counts to 20, knows all letters upper and lower case and all their sounds and knows them in order. His favorite activity is still anything related to letters, lining the magnets up, brining them to us and telling us what each letter is and how they sound, looking at alphabet books. We were even at the playground and instead of going up and down the slides, he was loving the alphabet wall. His sentences are growing. He loves to ask Ron and I, "You okay momma?" "Whatcha Doin' Momma?" "Whats matter momma?" Too cute. He also loves to give out kisses. He says "Hug" and grabs my face and kisses my cheeck, oh how it melts my heart! Titus' loves to aggravate Justice by changing to TV channels. Justice will come to find us saying "Titus" which means that channel has been changed. I think Titus knows he is not supposed to be doing so. Titus loves cars, he is really into moving them about and makes the sound of a car in his version.

We have been doing a lot of doctor stuff. Titus had two double ear infections in May and that was just frustrating for all of us. We also have been taking him to Birmingham for testing of his pituatary functioning because of his short stature. We should know if anything needs to be done sometime this week. Justice will have his tonsils and adenoids removed on Wednesday because of his snoring. It has been quite something with all these fun things going on.

We have been to the lake and pool a few times. Justice enjoys doing his own thing. I don't think he will be real easy to learn to swim since he wants to be independent. I think Titus will be a little easier since he likes direction already.
All for now, Take care and blessings!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How the Time has Flown!

(written in April, **written 5/21)
Boy it has been awhile since I have updated this blog. I really want to do better than this. Has it really been 3 whole mos. since I have been here? No way, it has! Well, lots of changes in our lives. Titus had his surgery back on January 29th and it went pretty well. We survived at least. It was a tough go. He did really well the first couple of days with really minor discomfort. He slept most of the time at first and seemed pretty content. After that though he was pretty tough with his sleep and was fussier for that first week. The second week was better as he had his catheter removed and was much happier.

The day after his surgery we closed on our new home! I was so excited to have this come to fruition, my dream home. About a week after closing we moved in on February 9th. My stress level decreased dramatically with the boys having their own room. It was a pretty easy transition. Justice seemed to go with the flow pretty well. Titus didn’t do very well at night, but that may have been from the surgery and he got a cold the end of February. Finally about the time of his first birthday, he got in a great rhythm of sleeping through the night. Finally!

Titus had his first birthday on March 5th. We had a small get together with my mother and ate BBQ, had cake and opened gifts. It was a St. Patty’s day theme as it was March. It was a blessing to celebrate my little guy’s first year. It was a tough year with RSV, surgery, sleeping in the living room, but glad to have his addition to our lives. He has enriched us so much with his sweet, yet serious side. At a year old, Titus cruises very well. He crawls very fast and will often crawl on his hands and feet with his booty up in the air so his knees aren’t on the carpet. He will especially do this when he is in shorts. He says “momma” “dada” and babbles with “ba”, “da”, and “may-may.” We hope he starts to talk more, adding new words, soon. He loves to be read to. His favorite book is about Trucks and gets excited and bounces as I read it to him. He loves to be outside. I put him out in the yard and he takes off crawling all over. When we go to the park he loves to swing and play in the sand. He is very content to play independently, but is also very affectionate and will crawl at full speed to come see me and cuddle.
**He is now starting to walk at 14 mos., he isn't walking full time, but more and more, and he is so cute doing it. It is like he is holding on for dear life. He has also cut 4 more teeth since April and now has 8 all together, 4 on top, and 4 on the bottom. He is adorable showing his little teeth as he smiles!
Justice is a little boy growing up. He is talking more and more and can just about repeat anything you say. You have to be careful with what you say. He uses more sentences now, but still uses his own little language, which is totally Greek to us. Justices is still into balls, trucks, books, and whatever Titus has. Everything belongs to him; at least that is what he thinks. He loves to swing and slide at the park and we go very often. We go on walks with them and he runs along as I stroll Titus. Justice is still a very picky eater, but his favorite food is chicken and whenever we pass a Sonic or Chick-fil-a his exclaims “CHICKEN.” He is just adorable. My favorite thing he does is when he runs up to me saying “Momma, momma, momma” and puts his head into me and I give him a big hug and kiss as he smiles. What a doll he is!
**Justice's speech is progressing a lot more now. He is repeating some good sentences from us and I am very happy to hear that from him.

On other news, we put our old house on the market for 30 days and we have a contract on it to sell. It is due to close on May 19th. God has really taken care of us! We are blessed!
**I wrote this a little while ago, we did close on the house on Monday. It is so exciting to have that behind us! I hope to get back to blogging now. It is so important to keep track of what is going on in my life and the life of my children to be able to look back on.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here We Are Again!

December was quite a month for us! January is shaping up to be as well. We were busier than ever with the kiddos, our business, and Christmas. After Thanksgiving it was a rush till Christmas. I really took on the role of a working mom, but the work was at home. It was a whirlwind of orders, customer questions, phone calls, some returns, and keeping track of it all.

On top of that, Titus had his biggest month as far as developmental milestones went in his 9th month. About a week after his 9 mos. birthday, he started to crawl, followed closely by pulling up. It was so adorable to see him do all of that because he is so tiny. He looks like a 6 mos. old. He also cut 4 teeth during that 9th month. It was terrible! He woke up at least twice a night and there were several nights that he was up 2 hours straight and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I almost lost my mind during it all, but thankfully Ron bailed me out a couple of times. Titus got a lot more interactive and busy. He is all about exploring and getting a hold of whatever he can, including the remote, Joy’s dog bowl, etc. He is too fun! His personality is really starting to come out. He isn’t one to want to rock unless he is super tired, he likes to be free and be able to move. He is a sweetheart, but serious at the same time. When he gets interested in something he will spend a lot of time just turning the object looking at it to see how it works and what it does. He wants to pull up on whatever he can. He will walk sooner than Justice did because I think he wants it more. He isn’t satisfied with crawling alone. Right now his biggest thing is Patty Cake and for us to put him on Justice’s riding toy and move him back and forth on it. He will cry if you stop. His schedule is crazy with him mostly waking up between 9-10, taking one nap at about 2:30-5 and to sleep about 10. Mostly his late sleep is because he sleeps in the living room right now because the boys can’t share a room. Justice wakes Titus up.

Justice is a two year old, wanting independence, still a baby in some ways, but a little boy in others. He has gotten a little whiny. I think that is because he is reacting to Titus and trying to get attention however he can. Sometimes when we aren’t paying attention to him he will yell out and look distressed. He will just have to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him. What I enjoy about him right now is his laughter. He loves to just laugh and laugh with us. We make funny faces at each other or hide behind a pillow and pop up and look at each other and laugh. It is like a game. Justice is still very attached to his “Blakie” and carries it wherever he goes. We make him leave it if we go outside the home, but he takes it if we go to a family member’s house. He calls church “play” and says “bye play” when we leave it. He is a little nervous at first and cries when he is dropped off, but warms up pretty quickly and plays along. He likes hiding stuff in places, kinda like a pack rat. There is this little hole that opens up to the bottom of the sink and he will stick whatever will fit into it, such as magnets, foam letters, or sticks he finds. He is into trucks, planes, balls, and letters still. He was and still is a rocking boy. He loves to be rocked and will rock by himself still. He is a sweetheart!

Our big news is that we are moving into a bigger home. The Lord totally opened up doors for us to be able to move into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home only 3 doors down from us. It is ideal with a big fenced in backyard and two stories. I am very excited about it and can’t wait to move. Our closing date is January 30th. I look forward to our boys having their own rooms. It will be awesome. The only drawback is the day before we move Titus will have surgery on his urinary tract. It is an outpatient procedure, so it shouldn’t be a huge deal, but it is still surgery. So, we will continue to have a lot going on. I look forward to March hopefully being settled in our new home and having some downtime.