Saturday, December 08, 2012

Kourtney Kardashian wearing gold monogram initial pendant on sideways cross chain is so cute

kourtney kardashian monogram initial gold charm on sideways cross chain necklace

Monogram Gold Charm Pendant on sideways cross chain is super cute! A hot item this season and a super cute trend is the gold monogram charm on gold sideways cross chain. We first spotted this item when we saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing it. We thin began seeing it on Pinterest and Facebook. That's when we new that we had to add it to our collection. The monogrammed initial charm adds an extra level of cuteness to the sidways cross charm necklace. Because it is petite and sample it won't be just a trend; it will be a simple and classic accessory and a great gift idea for any lady young or old. Get yours today at

Friday, December 07, 2012

Personalized Monogram I Phone Cases on USA Today Show this morning!

monogram personalized initial i phone cases featured on the usa today show

This Morning on the USA Today morning show (Friday December 7th, 2012) our personalized and monogrammed initial i phone cases were highlighted as a great gift for this Christmas 2012. In addition, emilyrosejewellery has other great gifts like monogrammed silver earrings and monogrammed scarves. So many great Christmas gifts to choose from. Order deadling is December 17th, 2012. visit today and help a Work at home mom thanks!

personalized initial name monogram iphone cases on good morning america and usa today show

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Hot item Personalized Monogram Initial Pendant Necklaces Acrylic Gold Sterling

filigree goldtone monogram initial pendant necklace
Personally Unique Filligree Monogram Initial Pendants are all the rage this holiday and these new monogrammed pendants come in a variety of colors prices and materials. For the preppy girl we have new acrylic filigree pendants and necklaces. If you are giving a gift to someone very special we recommend a sterling silver filigree monogram necklace. If you are more price conscientous then we a filigree pendants in pewter and gold-tone brass. The gold tone brass filigree monogram pendants are especially popular with ladies in there twenties and thirties and are a great gift sure to make her feel extra special.
filigree monogram acrylic pendant necklace

Visit emilyrosejewellery for other monogrammed pendants and monogram necklaces.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Personal Touch with Personalized Monogram Initial Earrings

EmilyRoseJewellery has a great selection of Monogram Initial Earrings or Personalized Sterling Silver Earrings add a unique look to your style statement. You can personalize sterling silver earrings with your monogram initials. Whether they feature your initials or your loved one s initials, monogram silver earrings will add a personal touch to any outfit. The personalized earrings can make a wonderful surprise gift for your special someone. Personalized Monogram Sterling Silver Earrings: •Unique look •Personal touch to any outfit

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Personalized Monogrammed I Phone Cases

monogram initial i phone cases
With I Phones popularity on the rise, everyone will be looking for I phone cases this holiday season. EmilyRoseJewellery has added a great selection of monogrammed i phone cases and personalized name I phone cases. We have a great selection of decorative styles, like our preppy polka dot, bold damask, and unique personalized I phone cases like our mothers I phone case, and personalized name scripture case. I phone cases are available for the I phone 4, 4s, and Iphone 5. EmilyRoseJewellery also has a great selection of monogram jewelry and embroidered gifts. Come see!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chunky Monogrammed Bracelets and Bold Chain Necklaces

Monogrammed Charm on Chunky Brass Chain Bracelet at
Monogrammed Chunky Metal Bracelets and Necklaces at EmilyRoseJewellery Big, bold, gold, silver, and copper bracelets and necklaces are really a hot item this season. If you have been on pinterest, or have been going through the pages of an ELLE, Marie-Claire, Vogue, or Lucky magazine, then you have probably seen that these chunky bold chain accessories are all the rage. What’s great about chunky metal jewelry is that it is easy to layer with other necklaces such as a pearl or crystal necklace to create distinct different looks. EmilyRoseJewellery found that by adding a monogrammed charm or monogram pendant engraved with personalized initials to one of these chunky bracelets or necklaces , you can take a unique hot accessory and make it a personally unique hot accessory item to each individual. Want to make the chunky jewelry even more distinct? That is simple, just add one of our cool new Swarovski freeform crystal charms or a natural gemstone charm. The charms really spice things up. At a really giftable price of $16 to $58, these new accessories make the perfect gift!
Monogrammed Charm on Chunky Silver tone Brass Chain Bracelet at
Monogrammed Chunky Metal Bracelets and Necklaces at EmilyRoseJewellery

Monday, October 29, 2012

Why are monograms so popular? Monograms, which consist of the first initial of a last name bordered by the first initial of two first names(couple) or a first and middle name (individual), are seen on everything from personal accessories such as monogram rings, monogram bags, and now monogram i-phone cases, to home d├ęcor items like candles, and monogrammed pillow cases. But why are monograms so popular? For a wedding, monograms make perfect sense as they are personalized symbol showing the union of two individuals under one last name. The monograms script format is also very elegant and is a great center piece to tie all the decorations together. A monogram makes since and it looks great on the invitations, place cards and thank-you notes. On personalized accessories such as monogrammed silver jewelry, a monogram serves as a personal fashion logo, a unique individual mark, and an object of distinction. Not only does a three letter monogram provide a personalized identifier on each object, it also can denote a certain level of sophistication and style. Monograms have been used through our history; most notably, is Queen Victoria’s monogram, the Classic Louis Vuitton monogram, or Coco Chanel’s monogram crest. With a recent resurgence in popularity (used by celebrities like Taylor Swift), personal monograms have become a popular gift option. Monograms offer a certain “I took time” effect to a gift as the gift with a monogram is personally unique to the gift recipient. So, it is no wonder why monograms are so popular. Visit EmilyRoseJewellery for great monogram gift options. EmilyRoseJewellery has a great selection of monogram jewelry, monogrammed rings, and monogram accessories.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Personalized Scarves for Fall 2012

It's winter time and for us women that means we can pile on as many shirts and jackets as we want and it also means its time to add a great monogram scarf to your wardrobe. EmilyRoseJewellery offers a great selection of warm and fashionable monogrammed scarves plush knit and cashmere feel. These scarves are soft warm, cute, and fashionable. Just imagine how great these scarves will look on top of a black, grey or or white top. Com for monogram acrylic necklaces, monogram jewelry, and other great monogrammed accessories and gifts.