Monday, June 16, 2008

A Lot Going On

Hello Everyone,
Lots going on. Boys are busily growing up. Titus is now WALKING! It is so adorable too! Justice is advancing his educational skills, counts to 20, knows all letters upper and lower case and all their sounds and knows them in order. His favorite activity is still anything related to letters, lining the magnets up, brining them to us and telling us what each letter is and how they sound, looking at alphabet books. We were even at the playground and instead of going up and down the slides, he was loving the alphabet wall. His sentences are growing. He loves to ask Ron and I, "You okay momma?" "Whatcha Doin' Momma?" "Whats matter momma?" Too cute. He also loves to give out kisses. He says "Hug" and grabs my face and kisses my cheeck, oh how it melts my heart! Titus' loves to aggravate Justice by changing to TV channels. Justice will come to find us saying "Titus" which means that channel has been changed. I think Titus knows he is not supposed to be doing so. Titus loves cars, he is really into moving them about and makes the sound of a car in his version.

We have been doing a lot of doctor stuff. Titus had two double ear infections in May and that was just frustrating for all of us. We also have been taking him to Birmingham for testing of his pituatary functioning because of his short stature. We should know if anything needs to be done sometime this week. Justice will have his tonsils and adenoids removed on Wednesday because of his snoring. It has been quite something with all these fun things going on.

We have been to the lake and pool a few times. Justice enjoys doing his own thing. I don't think he will be real easy to learn to swim since he wants to be independent. I think Titus will be a little easier since he likes direction already.
All for now, Take care and blessings!