Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life is Good!

Here is a close up of my little star. He has been such a cutie pie lately. A mess and a cutie pie. He now cannot stand for daddy to go to the bathroom. He stands outside the door and wails. One of his favorite activities is the run around the livingroom with his arms outstretched and pretends to be a plane or "paum" as he calls it. He is all about balls at the moment, throwing them in particular. When people come to our home he goes and gets his ball to throw with them. His favorite shows now are Elmo, Dora, and Deal/No Deal continues to be a hit. If you don't want him to whine about watching the shows you cannot say Elmo or Dora because he will expect to watch it. For the last few weeks he has really learned that shaking your head means no and does this with eating his vegetables or getting his teeth brushed. It was cute at first, now I am not so sure I am glad he learned this gesture. We say more words than I can keep up with on a regular basis. One word he is getting the hang of more lately is now we have advanced from saying "burn" for Auburn to saying "aumurn." After you say Auburn Tigers, he will roar for you. We have him trained right. As I indicated he is now running. It is so cute to watch his little, short legs move as fast as they can. Thank goodness our house is not too big, so it isn't hard to chase him down, there isn't much space to go. He has recently become more and more upset when we bathe him, he actually likes his bath, but hates being bathed, especially the washing the hair part. I don't know how to make it any better for him. We are also advancing in our table food eating. He will now eat most things except for pasta (not a mac'ncheese fan), veggies, and meat. So, we still eat veggies in the baby food form as that is what he will eat. I am sure there are more things he is doing and I am just not thinking about them all right now.

Pregnancy is progressing, only 7 weeks, 7 days to go! Can't wait! My legs/hips are really starting to bother me. They are achy and hurt, especially after getting up in the morning or from a nap. I can't nap on the sofa anymore because of this. My clothes are getting more and more limited as I grow. Although I am still a good bit smaller than I was last time. I am having a "Baby Prayer Lunch" on February 10th. I wanted to do something this time around to celebrate the baby and no one had offered to do a shower, so I had an idea to have a lunch with my friends and ask them to bring a decorative notecard with their favorite verse and a short prayer for baby Titus. I just love the idea of this. I want Titus to know in the future that his coming was much anticipated and that he was loved and covered in prayer before he was brought to us. My friend Jean offered to have it at her new, lovely home and my mom is the hostess. I am so excited!

Until next time, be blessed!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just Thoughts

I am glad to be back in the swing of things with normal routines and normal outings. With Justice going on a week plus of no runny nose/cough, I have been venturing out more with him. We haven't been doing anything major, but I have gone back to the grocery store and playgroup now. It is though getting harder to get out at this stage of my pregnancy with him. I feel very weighed down while holding him needless to say. But, it has been nice not feeling so isolated and cooped up as I had been during the holiday season. Today, going back to playgroup was amazing to see that in only a month babies can change so much! My friends' little ones are growing up and looking more toddlerlike and less babylike. They are also all so much taller than Justice, and I will add that they are all 3-4 mos. younger. It is cute though. He is my little munchkin.

I was so excited to order some baby stuff today, well, sort of baby stuff. I ordered the cutest nursing cover up that is called a "hooter hider." It is like an apron for nursing moms, bigger and made with softer fabric. I think it will be great for me to not have worry about exposing myself trying to be discreet in public or go into another room when male relatives are present. I will get to be much more comfortable breastfeeding around people. Also, on that same note I got a good nursing bra. The ones I had with Justice were all pretty bad and not too comfortable. I am hoping this one will be better. It is popular with the stars, Britney Spears and Jennifer Garner, both were customers of this product. Not that I want to emulate Britney, but it goes to say that it must be good. It wasn't that expensive either, $30.00 on sale, which for a good bra isn't that much. Okay, enough about bras and nursing.

Nine Weeks to go! I am so ready! Still have much to do, but ready in my heart for this little guy.