Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hope In Front of Me

The focus of my post for today came from my drive to Kroger at 9:30 pm last night. While enjoying a peaceful drive to the store following a very rushed bedtime, my current favorite song came on the radio "Hope in Front of Me" by former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey. It is a song about going through dark places in life and remaining hopeful with the Lord by your side. I am in a time of survival right now. Life is busy with four children no doubt and Ron is working so much that I am overwhelmed by all that is one my plate. I am not doing all that much outside the home, just maintaining our home life is all consuming. I am tired! I am stretched beyond my limits, beyond my abilities, beyond my strength. For today, I am choosing to focus on hope. I love the prevailing theme in "The Hunger Games" book series that hope if powerful. The books do not give the true source of hope coming from the Lord and that is really what makes hope so powerful. Although, these days seem so dark and life is so trying, I choose to hope in the Lord. I see hope in my children, playing puppets with Liam and Chase at the library, Titus getting all E's on his report card, seeing the joy and fulfillment in Justice as he plays football, hope is truly in front of me. I struggle though feeling powerless to meet the expectations of myself, hitting walls in the world, and feeling uncertain about the future. My house is messy, I get my children to bed too late, I forget things, I am not as productive as I would like to be, the list goes on and on. But, I have hope! Instead of dwelling on my weaknesses and shortcomings, I am choosing to focus on hope. I really have to, because if the frustrations and stress get to me I am not doing anybody any good and that includes my children. Mommy can't be what they need me to be if I am self focused, living in pity and doubt. Hope carries me! His hope carries me! My hope is in the Lord!

"'The Lord is my portion' says my soul, 'therefore I will hope in Him.'" Lamentations 3:24

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I have decided to take back up blogging. Many years ago I started my blog in the hopes to record memories and stories from motherhood when my first son Justice was born. Blogging was a new phenomenon and I was excited to enter that world. But, as time passed and life got busier as more boys were born in our lives, I got away from posting. So, I had thought about picking it up for some months now and am diving back in. My goal will be to post once a day. In thinking about the direction I want to go I felt the Lord leading me to center my posts related to a focus point for each day of my life and share about what I am doing to reach that goal. Focus points will be for any area of my life (motherhood, Christian walk, autism, health, stress, church, marriage, my online business, homeschooling, etc.)

For today, I am starting with the idea of being a pioneer. In history, Justice is learning about Daniel Boone, an early American Pioneer noted for clearing a trail to Kentucky. Daniel Boone faced many hardships including losing his brother, being kidnapped, hunger, and uncertainty. I love how the history book we have promotes the lessons we can learn about these historical figures. I know Justice is learning valuable life lessons, but I am also gaining insights and looking deeper into my own life from what these men in women did. In reading about Daniel Boone, as a pioneer he blazed a trail for others to follow. As a mother, I am blazing a trail for my children to follow. It is an immense responsibility that I have in the lives of my children. So, for today, I am thinking about how I am being a pioneer for the little boys God has given me from the simplest of actions and for the deep conversations, showing them the way to Christ and how we can live our lives for Him.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gold Bar and Silver Bar Necklace from EmilyRoseJewellery Engravable

Personalized Gold Bar Necklace from EmilyRoseJewellery
Silver Bar Personalized ID tag Necklace
EmilyRoseJewellery is excited to introduce our new collection of personalized bar necklaces.  These necklace can be worn by themselves or layered with a long chain or short chain.
EmilyRoseJewellery specializes in #monogram #jewelry but loves to create and offer cute fashionable styles. 
Gold tone jewelry continues to be the highlight in numerous runways and magazines ranging from contemporary classic to extravagant pieces. I have to admit, I wasn’t “all in” on gold tone as I have always preferred silver.  But I have really taken a liking to all of the cute pieces of gold jewelry and accents

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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Suede Tassel Monogram Necklaces and Charms

Silver Tone Monogrammed Pendant Necklace with Lavender Tassel Charm

Charms, baubles and bling adorn summer and fall trends! has a cute set of suede accent charm tassels that will add a simple pop of color, style and personality to any jewelry piece (monogram necklace or bracelet) or to one of your accessories like a key-fob, wallet, or purse or backpack.

Gold Tone Monogram Pendant Necklace with Suede Tassel Charm
Gold Monogram Necklace and Tassel
Though you might associate tassels with stuffy furniture trimmings and graduation caps, these slinky ornaments has swiftly become one of the summer season's most important fashion accents! And you can expect that trend to continue into fall.  Why not?  These flirty, decorative embellishments work so well so many girly things. And what's not to love?

Suede Tassel Accent Charms in gold or silver

 Not only are tassels incredibly versatile--they can be worn as earrings, dangle from your handbag, as accent pieces to a bracelet or necklace--they bring a fun, playful, energy to all of your wardrobe accessories. Even better: you can find them in array of exciting colors, from shocking neon hues to warm neutral tones, making them an easy-to-wear accent that everyone can enjoy! Accordingly, you should find your own ways to incorporate a hint of fringe into your everyday looks. Hope you enjoy them!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Polka Dot and Striped Infinity Scarves at EmilyRoseJewellery

I love scarves in the fall, but I just couldn’t wait until fall to show you our new collection of infinity scarves. EmilyRoseJewellery has added new solid infinity scarves and these super cute black and white and beige and white polka dot and stripe scarves.  Add a cute monogram and they become absolutely adorable.   They are sure to add a fashionable extra layer to any outfit.

 In a season of instability a scarf can be the difference between a chilly evening or a comfy and warm night on the town. This fall look no further than EmilyRoseJewellery for your must-have infinity scarf, it’s quick and easy and can update and warm up any ensemble.

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