Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall and the Boys

Fall Weather has me and the boys outside most of the time these days. The weather has been amazing. Although we sure could use the rain and pray for it to come. We are doing well. The boys are fun and can wear me out at the same time. Titus I am pleased to report has slept 10 hours for two nights in a row, but as soon as I write this he will probably change. I hope not, I love the sleep. He is growing a lot. Chubby as ever. I haven't gotten a chance to get him weighed lately, but I am guessing around 18 lbs. He is one squirmy baby, he really wants to move. While we are outside though, he is just content to sit in that stroller and chew on the straps while I chase Justice around. Justice just runs around. He likes stomping on the water grates or picking up balls and throwing them at me to catch. Today I just sat Titus in the grass on a blanket with toys around and he played so well. Daddy carved our very first pumpkin for our family today. I will post a picture when I get a chance. We picked the pumpkin out on our trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday.
My mother, the boys, myself, and my niece and nephew took off for the pumpkin patch on Friday. It was a glorious fall day. My friend Jean and her son joined us as well. We played out front of the country store for the first hour. Justice rode a mini tractor and threw balls around while my niece and nephew enjoyed the inflatable park. We rode a hey ride up to a real pumpkin patch and picked out a beauty to carve and a little pumkin for Justice. Justice enjoyed seeing all the "punkins" and got to shuck corn and pick cotton. It was a blast. He also rode a train, sat on a bright red tractor, and saw some chocolate brown horses. What a day! He was exhausted and took a nap on the car ride home. It was all and all a great experience for him and he got lots of good outdoor time. I am all about getting him outside to enjoy God's beauty and keep him active and not sitting in the house all day.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gift Giving Dilemma

The gift giving season is vastly approaching. With all the options and choices, it can be overwhelming to get started. The task is daunting. Where should I start? How much should I spend? How can I do this without stressing myself out? It is important to get yourself organized and ready for the shopping season ahead, so that you can relax and enjoy the meaningfulness of this time of year with family.It may sound simple, but the first task is to create a list of everyone you have to buy for. This way there is no chance you will show up at dear husband’s family get together and have forgotten his Aunt Pearl. It will also be helpful as you shop to know who you are looking for and check off the people you have bought for as you go. You won’t have to stop and think, “Did I get cousin Suzy anything yet?” Keep the list with you to have it ready to update at any time.Don’t be afraid to go with a signature gift. Many people are afraid to give the same thing to everyone on their list, but if it is something that is unique and will remind people of you, it is special. It is even better if you can have the gifts personalized as well. Classic signature gifts may include picture frames with a family photo, monogrammed soap or candles, engraved pendants on a timeless silver chain, or embroidered hand towels. The options go on and on and can be just as thoughtful.Pick out one thing or characteristic about each of the people on your list to single out for your gift giving. If your sister-in-law loves to cook, it would be great to go with an engraved Cherry Wood cutting board for her to use. If your Uncle is all about basketball, then splurge on tickets to his team’s big game. The niece that lives for fashion on your list might like a personalized shell pendant to add to her accessory collection. Narrowing your list to one thing about each person can keep you from looking at everything out there on wondering if each person likes each item you see.It is a good idea to keep in mind two questions “Will this person use this?” and “Will this person enjoy this?” Your husband might need a new pack of socks, but will he find it as enjoyable as the new release DVD he wants to add to his collection. Your mother may go on about how she needs a new set of knives, but an engraved mothers bracelet with a special message on the back may warm her heart and be more meaningful to her in the long run. Getting that full face grin and hearing the words “Oh, I love it!” is the aim and goal.You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of December and haven’t started on your shopping. Start early and be smart. Narrow your choices and have a plan. Shopping should be fun and not a cause for concern. With a few steps of strategy the gift buying can be joyful and a reflection of the warmth in your heart for your loved ones.Happy Shopping!Love EmilyRoseJewellery

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Personalized Gift Giving Made for Fun!

Gift giving. That phrase makes some people panic, while presenting an exciting challenge to others to find “the perfect gift.” The challenge of gift giving is in selecting a gift that says “I know you’re going to love this” while keeping within a reasonable spending limit, and oh by the way, not having to invest weeks in the search. These are gifts that let the recipient know that you didn’t just stop at the local WalMart and grab something on the way to the event. No! You actually thought about it, and found a gift just for them!

One of the biggest trends in the gift industry today – personalization - reflects this desire to give thoughtful gifts. Gifts that have been monogrammed, embroidered, or in some way personalized for the recipient are “proof” that you really did think about the gift!

Personalized items have traditionally been available at local jewelers and home embroiders for an additional charge of generally $5 to $20, but companies like EmilyRoseJewellery.com is changing that. Now you can find the same type of personalization service and large selection right from your home. Through EmilyRoseJewellery you have access to monogrammed jewelry, personalized gifts for babies moms, unique wedding favors , beach towels, handbags, and more, all personalized with names or monograms. Even better, the personalization is absolutely free and orders can be shipped to you or directly to a gift recipient with a special message enclosed from you.

This type of personalization makes gift giving easy. Girls of all ages love jewelry. Brides love to use their new monogram. People in general love to see their name in writing. It simply makes them feel special.

While giving personalized gifts takes a little pre-planning as they are custom made, it can be a matter of simply stopping by EmilyRoseJewellery’s online boutique a week before you need to receive the order. In a matter of minutes, literally, you can have every gift for every gift recipient that you need.
EmilyRoseJewellery.com makes gift giving less stressful. Selecting personalized gifts makes gift giving fun!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's My Birthday!

Another year to celebrate how blessed I am in life. It is amazing to look over the past year of my life. I found out a week or so after my birthday that we were expecting a boy and that he had his brain issue. We had to wait 19 weeks until we received our miracle that he had been healed and no longer had any fluid in his brain. It was an amazing experience and I grew so much personally through it and am so much stronger because of that trial. Of course in my 25th year of life I was blessed with having my second baby Titus. Twice blessed with two wonderful bouncing boys. I couldn't be happier. My life is all about the boys. I was talking to my dear husband the other day about how excited I was that Titus had eaten sweet potatoes for the first time and thought how dull my life must seem to an outsider that I get so excited about these small things, but I don't care. My life is wonderful. I don't need fancy cars or a planner full of events to attend, I have my boys.

Speaking of the boys. They are growing up so much. Titus I would guess is around 17 1/2 lbs. I haven't had him weighed since a month ago, but I think that is about right. He is 7 mos. now and as adorable as ever. I love holding him. He is so lovable with all that chub to squeeze. His little face is so squnchy, if that is a word. He is scooting backwards now if he stays on his tummy. He rolls back and forth now and has been doing that for a couple of weeks now. He has also been sitting up independently for a month. He is thankfully back to sleeping through the night. He is still saying the same sounds "Buh" "Guh" etc. He is eating good, nursing still pretty often 2-3 hours, sometimes 3 1/2. He eats squash, pears, sweet potatoes and oatmeal cereal that I mix with breastmilk. He gets really excited at mealtimes. I fed him solids after "lunch" and near bedtime. His routine is crazy sometimes, we do the same things everyday, but it doesn't happen at the same time. He goes to bed usually around 10 still, but otherwise naps and eating happen at different times. We still give him his breathing treatments at night and that goes pretty well, usually calming him down. He loves to be held still, talked to. He is very much about exploring and playing with things. He likes activity. He wants to grab whatever is in sight, including some things his brother is playing with. He is now getting mad when something he is playing with is taken away. I just love this age he is at now.

Justice is becoming more and more a little boy. I love him to pieces with his independence and loving nature. He is so funny, he can be so independent, but he wants that love and attention. He runs up to me with arms wide open begging to be picked up and loved on, which I do emphatically. I love to shower him with love. He is still all about rocking to his "moo-kick" or music. His favorite songs are "Who Built the Arc" and "I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N." He colors with his Color Wonder paper and markers. He is still an outdoors boy. When I put his clothes on in the morning he says "Go Side!" I can't put his shoes and socks on until right before we go because he knows that means we are going. He is also a tough little fella, he falls or bumps his head and pretty much everytime he says "Is kay" or "Its Okay." He is having a lot of trouble going to sleep right now and we have to put Titus in the pack-n-play in the living room at night because Justice isn't going to sleep without crying or making noise. It is pretty tough, we are stuck in our room once Titus goes to sleep. He is so much fun though, lots of energy and ready to discover the world around him.

I am blessed!
*the picture was taken when Titus was dedicated at our church on 8/26/07