Monday, February 26, 2007

Being Induced On Monday! Justice will Have a Brother!

I wanted give a little update on Titus. We are officially going to bring him in the world on Monday, March 5th. At the doctor's office today we decided to go ahead with the induction just to get him here and make sure that he is healthy. The doctor felt it best since he is on the small side and there is concern that the longer we go he may not be getting everything he needs. So, we are going with Monday. We also had a non-stress test today and it went very well. Titus maintained a good heartrate and it went up with my Braxton Hicks contractions as it should have. I have been having those braxton hicks contractions a good bit. Which has progressed me to 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced, a good sign for a good induction. The neatest thing is that both of my boys will have the 5th as their birthday, Justice is August 5th and Titus will be March 5th. I really like that commonality they will have. 19 mos. difference between them exactly. I am so thrilled and elated. I needed a week to get everything together, get my hair cut, etc., but will have him here soon at the same time. I am ready. It has been such a long pregnancy to me with everything we have gone through with Titus and to have him here, healthy, will just be unspeakably wonderful. The only thing I cannot think about it having to be away from Justice. It breaks my heart, but hopefully we will be caught up in everything going on with Titus that we won't be so sad. We shall see...

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Miracle!

It has been such a journey over these last 18 weeks with Titus. To update for those who haven't read here about his condition, at my 19 week ultrasound he was diagnosed with mild hydrocephallus. Since then we have had 6-7 ultrasounds to monitor his fluid levels. At each ultrasound we got the same news, mild fluid on his brain, which may result in having a shunt put in when he is born. The good news was always it hadn't worsened and he was healthy otherwise.

On January 29th I was watching the 700 club and Terri Muesen had a word of knowledge, "There is a woman who is pregnant and worried about her baby, but God wants you to know that your baby will be born completely healthy." I wept and claimed this for my unborn baby Titus. All along I had people tell me they felt in their hearts he would be fine as well. So, I have really claimed this for him and leaned on God with sometimes only a mustard seed amount of faith.

I went in yesterday for another ultrasound at 37 weeks, fully prepared to hear the fluid level was the same. Recently I had been drawn to the story of Job and the men in the Daniel faced with being put in the furnance, that no matter what I will praise God. Last night I just went to the Lord saying that to him that I will be fine and still believe if tomorrow it is the same and stand on His promise and wait until he is born, but I told the Lord that the desire of my heart is to hear that he has a normal brain scan. And, God gave me the desire of my heart today in hearing that the fluid in his brain had disappeared. I could hardly believe it and yet at the same time was not surprised because I truly believe our God is in the business of miracles, He is the healer, that He keeps His promises, speaks to us, and if we delight in Him He will give us the desires of our Heart (Psalm 34:7). I hope you are encouraged today and for whatever trial and circumstance you are faced with that your heart be strengthened that He will carry you through.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers! I will never doubt the power our prayers have!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sweet Baby Titus

I have been so blessed to be expecting another son and what a precious baby Titus already is. I got a sneek peak at the 4D ultrasound during my last ultrasound on January 22nd. He looks a little like Justice, but definitely has his own look. I cannot wait to hold him in my arms and cuddle this wonderful creation of God. I only have 4 weeks to go and the time could not pass quickly enough. I am so ready!
This past Saturday was an extra special day for Titus and I. We were blessed by family and friends with prayer and celebration at our "Baby Prayer Lunch." Since this is my second son and so close to Justice no one had offered to do a shower and I wanted to celebrate this new life and blessing to our family in some way. So, I had this idea come to me to have a lunch and have everyone bring a notecard with a prayer and verse to share with Titus thus the reason for calling it a "Baby Prayer Lunch." My mom and two friends were so sweet to help make this day so precious for me. We had chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salad, veggies, fruit, cheese straws, cinnamon sugar cheesecake squares, and a delicious and sweetly decorated cake done by a family friend. It was all so yummy. The colors were baby blue and white for having a little boy and March's birthstone is ice blue. The group of friends and family were my closest and dearest supporters. It was neat to see the different circles of friends I have come together from my Sunday School, Bible Study, Playgroup, and Family. Though they came from different areas, they were all tied together by their sweet hearts and love for Christ. I was not prepared for the emotional time it would be as we sat down together and each person read their prayer and verse. I had tears of joy well up in my eyes as each expressed their hopes and prayers for my baby.
One reason this day was especially meaningful was a trial we have been through with Titus already. I have not shared on my blog the struggle we have had this pregnancy with Titus. At our 20 week ultrasound back in October it revealed Titus had some mild fluid on his brain and since then we have had 6-7 additional ultrasounds to monitor the fluid levels. We have been encouraged that the fluid levels have not increased and they are only a little above normal, but still this has been a source of some worry and stress. We will not know if anything needs to be done to correct this issue until he is born. We have deeply felt the Lord to promise us that he will be born completely healthy and through words from others have claimed this for Titus. Our hearts are assured and our faith is strong and we truly believe for the best. The good news is that whatever happens is that Titus will ultimately lead a normal life, reach for anything he wants and have the love of his family and God to carry him.