Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The perfect gift a Personalized Scarf

A Scarf is a Perfect Accessory

EmilyRoseJewellery has a new shipment of beautiful plush knit scarves and super soft cashmere feel scarves for the cool season that is blowing in. In addition to a scarf keeping your neckline warm, a scarf can add a splash of color to an otherwise plain outfit while creating a touch of softness and femininity.

A Personalized Scarf is not only a versatile accessory it is also a great gift and you know that everyone wears needs one so there is no guessing. At only $24 each they are an inexpensive gift to give to your girlfriend, girlfriends, nieces, aunts, sisters, or your mom. A monogram scarf becomes a unique thoughtful gift because it will be personalized with the gift recipients initials. Add a couple of scarves for yourself and put them in your suitcase when traveling and be prepared to create additional looks from your existing selection of clothes. Their compact nature also means that you can add new looks without needing additional luggage to accommodate them.

EmilyRoseJewellery has scarves in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics so if you are looking for that personalized accessory or gift EmilyRoseJewellery has it.