Tuesday, May 14, 2013

acrylic monogram initial necklaces Neon and bright colored accessories are this Summer’s hottest trend (Summer 2013). Bright Fuchsia Pink, Orange, Yellows, and neon green hues can be seen accessorizing every look this summer. Add a glow to your wardrobe this season with one of these acrylic monogram necklaces. You can transform a plain outfit just by adding a pop of neon to softer tones such as those mint and pink pastel skinny jeans that are so popular. These acrylic monogram initial necklaces will make you feel on trend while adding a bounce to your step with a personalized touch. 

monogram nautical rope totes and mongram cooler pool totes

Need bright colors and neon for your beach gear. EmilyRoseJewellery has several mega cute monogram nautical striped beach totes and super cute pool totes to complete your looks. Monogrammed Initial Cooler totes are the perfect accessory for a day trip to the pool or for a casual walk from the hotel to the beach. These monogram cooler totes come in Fuchsia, Tangerine Orange, and Lime and can hold your to beach towel, sunglasses, and cell phone, while also enabling you to store a cool drink and snack in the bottom cooler compartment.

Want to keep the sun out of your eyes while adding to your super cute beach outfit, be sure to get one of EmilyRoseJewellery’s monogram initial ball caps or monogram sun hats.

EmilyRoseJewellery also offers monogram initial koozies, monogram beach towels, and pool wraps perfect for the lake, pool, or beach and monogram jewelry and gifts for those summer nights and summer events in 2013.