Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well, this might be the longest I have gone between posts. November and December were crazy busy. November started out on a sad note with me losing my pregnancy at nearly 7 weeks. But, the Lord was faithful through it all! His grace was present and His mercies abounded! I have two beautiful boys who are covered in the finger prints of God! Every smile and hug they give are so life giving for me.
From Thanksgiving to Christmas I was very busy with EmilyRoseJewellery and was so thankful that the Lord blessed us with business in this slow economy. We worked hard and the Lord gave us favor.
We spent Thanksgiving with some new friends from our new Church. We have absolutely been touched and are so grateful for our church. Our boys enjoyed playing with our friends little girls who are close in age to ours. We went to several Christmas fellowships including a much needed Date Night with a Christmas Purpose. Our lifegroup had a party and the Ladies had a Christmas Tea. These fellowships pointed to Jesus being the reason we are celebrating this time of year. God reminded me that one of His gifts to us is the relationships that are put in our path to spur us onto good works and to give us counsel, love, and encouragement.
Christmas was wonderful with our boys getting more and more into the holiday. They received a play kitchen from Santa and had many little toys that they are still playing with. I was pretty happy with the choices we made for their presents.
Justice is still enjoying his Preschool. He gets so excited when we say "You want to go see Mrs. Donna." He loves his teacher! Lately he hasn't wanted to go home! He still loves to organize his toys and lay them all out on our coffee table. His imagination is growing and plays pretend more and more. The playfood he got for Christmas he pretends to eat. He flies his rocket ship around and makes up stories about taking off to the moon. He knows most of his planets now from some flashcards he has. I am continually amazed at his visual memory.
Titus is our precious little guy. He is our pumpkin. He has the sweetest voice. His favorite words are "Yeah" and "Oh Wow." He is attempting more words, but that is going slow for the most part. If he tries a word it is the first sound. We are still working with someone to help him talk. He is climbing now so we really have to watch him. He loves yogo bites and these veggie puffs, but is still not a great eater and is on baby food for the most part. I am waiting for him to get better at that.
That is all for now, hopefully I will post more often now that I am done with my busy season!