Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just Thoughts

I am glad to be back in the swing of things with normal routines and normal outings. With Justice going on a week plus of no runny nose/cough, I have been venturing out more with him. We haven't been doing anything major, but I have gone back to the grocery store and playgroup now. It is though getting harder to get out at this stage of my pregnancy with him. I feel very weighed down while holding him needless to say. But, it has been nice not feeling so isolated and cooped up as I had been during the holiday season. Today, going back to playgroup was amazing to see that in only a month babies can change so much! My friends' little ones are growing up and looking more toddlerlike and less babylike. They are also all so much taller than Justice, and I will add that they are all 3-4 mos. younger. It is cute though. He is my little munchkin.

I was so excited to order some baby stuff today, well, sort of baby stuff. I ordered the cutest nursing cover up that is called a "hooter hider." It is like an apron for nursing moms, bigger and made with softer fabric. I think it will be great for me to not have worry about exposing myself trying to be discreet in public or go into another room when male relatives are present. I will get to be much more comfortable breastfeeding around people. Also, on that same note I got a good nursing bra. The ones I had with Justice were all pretty bad and not too comfortable. I am hoping this one will be better. It is popular with the stars, Britney Spears and Jennifer Garner, both were customers of this product. Not that I want to emulate Britney, but it goes to say that it must be good. It wasn't that expensive either, $30.00 on sale, which for a good bra isn't that much. Okay, enough about bras and nursing.

Nine Weeks to go! I am so ready! Still have much to do, but ready in my heart for this little guy.

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Dawn said...

All good news! The bra sounds great - so important at this stage in your life. Nine weeks! It's gone so fast - from this perspective, at least!