Thursday, November 10, 2011


monogram jewelry and gifts from EmilyRoseJewellery

Monograms...Monogram jewelry,

monogram rings
, monogram bracelets, and monogram necklaces, monogram wraps, hats, and totes, and towels…Ladies of all ages wear them and use them and it seems you can find a monogram on anything from engraved soap, cutting boards, to a personalized car sticker…Monograms can be bold or subtle, priceless and personal. Many celebrities adorn themselves with them from Taylor Swifts monogram initial pendant to Carrie’s name necklace in “Sex in the City.” The ways in which a monogram is worn ranges from elegant—to casual wear. However, no matter how it is worn, monogram is the perfect expression of personality through accessory style. A monogram is also a symbolic gift. When given for the right reasons, it carries more emotion and sincere meaning than any other gift besides maybe an engagement ring. So have fun with them, mix and match with monogram jewelry to monogram totes. You might even put a monogram on your back pant pocket, well, maybe…

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