Monday, October 29, 2012

Why are monograms so popular? Monograms, which consist of the first initial of a last name bordered by the first initial of two first names(couple) or a first and middle name (individual), are seen on everything from personal accessories such as monogram rings, monogram bags, and now monogram i-phone cases, to home d├ęcor items like candles, and monogrammed pillow cases. But why are monograms so popular? For a wedding, monograms make perfect sense as they are personalized symbol showing the union of two individuals under one last name. The monograms script format is also very elegant and is a great center piece to tie all the decorations together. A monogram makes since and it looks great on the invitations, place cards and thank-you notes. On personalized accessories such as monogrammed silver jewelry, a monogram serves as a personal fashion logo, a unique individual mark, and an object of distinction. Not only does a three letter monogram provide a personalized identifier on each object, it also can denote a certain level of sophistication and style. Monograms have been used through our history; most notably, is Queen Victoria’s monogram, the Classic Louis Vuitton monogram, or Coco Chanel’s monogram crest. With a recent resurgence in popularity (used by celebrities like Taylor Swift), personal monograms have become a popular gift option. Monograms offer a certain “I took time” effect to a gift as the gift with a monogram is personally unique to the gift recipient. So, it is no wonder why monograms are so popular. Visit EmilyRoseJewellery for great monogram gift options. EmilyRoseJewellery has a great selection of monogram jewelry, monogrammed rings, and monogram accessories.

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