Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taking Back My Focus

One of my biggest issues with myself over last year was lack of focus. I know that has a lot to do with all I have going on from kids, homeschooling, working some, house, responsibilities, etc. I forgot things. I didn't get things done I wanted to. I made mistakes. I didn't want to enter this new year with the same sense of being out of control. There is only so much I can really do in this area since I am a mom of 4 little boys, one of whom is special needs (Autism), I have a husband who works practically non-stop and have many responsibilities. However, I knew the Lord could be my rock in this area and show me how to make the most of my time and help me address my weak areas.

I had some very simple things I could start doing to help gain better control of my life. I started going to bed earlier (most nights). That is one reason I have not been blogging. I had been crashing on the couch after getting the kids to bed and staying up too late, virtually sucking the energy out of the following day. So, getting more rest has been helpful. I don't always stick to my plan, but when I do I can tell a difference. I also, cut out game apps on my phone. This was a focus zapper for me and helped create time to do other things. My goal for each day really is to attack the day. In order to get more done I really took on the mindset to make it happen. I won't sit back and let the day get away from me, but get going and be productive. I must say today at the beginning I failed miserably! Part of my issue today was the previous day was jam packed and I was exhausted by the end of the day. But, I think the Lord also calls me to rest up and make time to get recharged. I am grateful He does call us to rest! The afternoon was busy and I got things done, so the day wasn't a total loss. Relating to my last post about making God the center of my life, I am giving my days to the Lord. He has been faithful to help me. I am amazed at His bringing things to my mind to help me not miss deadlines or miss opportunities! He has helped me prioritize and let me know when I need to just chill or make an extra effort. He tells me when I need to say yes and when I need to decline.

I do feel a lot more control over my life, but it has more to do with giving over control of my life each day to Him. It is such a freedom in knowing He has me in His hands and I don't carry the burden of my life!

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