Friday, June 23, 2006

Oops, We made a Boo Boo!

If you have visited my blog lately you might have noticed that it has been a little out of sorts. I want to apologize for my crazy blog. Ron and I were trying to work out a few issues and work on its look on Wednesday and messed things up big time. I actually deleted my blog because we had the template all messed up. I copied all of my back posts to a Word document and now I am starting over anew. I was so distraught for a few days thinking my blog would never be up again, then I realized I could just delete the damaged blog and use the same name for my new blog. So, here we are. Up and running. Hurray! This is also my 50th post here on this new site. That is somewhat of a milestone and I am proud of it. Although I no one would no it since I am not quite sure what to do with my back posts and I actually didn't save every single one of them. So many I should just start over with my count. Either way though I have done 50 posts-visible or not. But, I digress.

Since the mess I have missed posting. I missed my beloved Thursday Thirteen that I have participated in for about three months. Also, the ever changing world of Justice has not been recorded for all to hear about. Well, as far as he goes, he is learning to throw a ball. It is so cute watching him try to figure out how to release it once he has it. He usually ends up hitting it with his other hand to get it out. He can also say "ball," but not on command. We went to the Lake on Wednesday and probably spent on hour in the water. We were in a shady spot, so Justice didn't have to get too hot. It was hot as blazes on Wednesday! 98 degrees hot! It was great to be in the water though!

On another note, I thought I would post and ask about your opinions and what you do to ensure good nutrition for your little ones. I saw a piece on the 700 club and the Reader's Digest version is that growth hormones are being injected into cows and our meat and milk have these in them as well. They detailed that it may be linked to girls entering puberty earlier and earlier puberty is linked to breast cancer. For more details go to the 700 club's webpage. The studies are young, but this still concerns me. Justice, although he is a boy, it makes me question and think about looking more and more into organic foods. I do some organic foods now, but it is tough on a budget. Organic foods are so expensive. A friend of mine gives her son the organic milk, which costs about the same price of a gallon of milk for a half gallon of organic. I am highly considering this even with the expense because Justice will be soon getting a lot of his milk from cow's milk. I am planning on continuing to nurse Justice in the morning and at night after his year birthday and give him cow's milk or juice the rest of the day. So, how do you keep your kids healthy as far as nutrition goes?

Well, it is great to be back and I hope you all are doing well. I look forward to continuing my conversation with everyone and vow never again to change my template without saving it as is first.


Ashley said...

glad you're up and running again. i'm always scared to death of ruining something so i almost always copy/paste and email it to myself like i was saying yesterday. the one time i don't though, i'll probably mess it up :)
i'm all about organic food but like you said, it is SO expensive! i think if you can do part organic you're doing yourself a favor. have you been to the meat market over here yet? it doesn't have organic food but it is fresh meat so it doesn't have preservatives. i don't know if you get your meat from walmart but on the package it says "prepared with x% solution." i'm thinking that solution isn't healthy! it is the preservatives they put in the meat b/c walmart doesn't pack their own. i won't buy their meat anymore. i only go to the meat market and it's cheaper anyway. a 2 pound pack of fresh boneless/skinless chicken tenders is $4.50 (ish) and 2 1/2 pounds frozen at walmart is $9. just something to think about. i'll give you directions if you need them.
talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Just a note about the milk... I buy from a local dairy that distributes into a few grocery and gas station marts. The milk isn't organic, but they don't use the hormones... It is reasonably priced.

Another option for organic is to check out the foods that are grown with the most pesticides (like strawberries) and buy those organic.

Petite Mom Blogger said...

Glad you got your blog back up & running. Sorry about the posts though.

As far as foods go, I dont do organic. I dont even think that is an option in our small town.

Mom101 said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - and what a nice surprise! A real life Hollywood celeb. Well, glad the exorcism went well and that you're living a normal life now with your beautiful son.

chelle said...

Although I would not want to deter you from organic milk, a lot of the organic milk is not really that organic.

The free range cows that eat fertilized, pesticide and herbicide fields are not ranked well. There are some amazing websites to read before making the switch. I totally understand your concerns, we are on a budget as well, and use organic when we can, but milk we buy regular, for the fats for brain development and there are not a lot of much better alternatives.

Just my thoughts :)

Ashley said...

it really took me forever to figure out mom-101's comment :)

Michelle said...

As for keeping my child healthy, I make all of his food on my own our of organic vegetables and meat and he drinks only organic juice. I plan to only cook with organic food and to give him organic milk to drink when he is old enough. I don't want to put any of these weird hormones into him. It is expensive but worth it!

Code Yellow Mom said...

One of my favorite books is called "First Meals" by Annabel Karmel. It is part cookbook and part nutritional information book, with lots of tips on meeting the dietary needs of your growing baby, by age and stage, including picky eating and party foods. Some of it was a little too "froofy" for my time constraints, but I found the practical advice soooo helpful.

BeckyJoie said...

You can always try Meyenburg goat milk, or coconut milk. I do mostly organics and notice a difference in my health when I do not (I have Lupus.) Also, if your grocery store doesn't carry what you wish, you can ask the person in charge of the appropriate department and often they will order what you want.