Friday, February 23, 2007

The Miracle!

It has been such a journey over these last 18 weeks with Titus. To update for those who haven't read here about his condition, at my 19 week ultrasound he was diagnosed with mild hydrocephallus. Since then we have had 6-7 ultrasounds to monitor his fluid levels. At each ultrasound we got the same news, mild fluid on his brain, which may result in having a shunt put in when he is born. The good news was always it hadn't worsened and he was healthy otherwise.

On January 29th I was watching the 700 club and Terri Muesen had a word of knowledge, "There is a woman who is pregnant and worried about her baby, but God wants you to know that your baby will be born completely healthy." I wept and claimed this for my unborn baby Titus. All along I had people tell me they felt in their hearts he would be fine as well. So, I have really claimed this for him and leaned on God with sometimes only a mustard seed amount of faith.

I went in yesterday for another ultrasound at 37 weeks, fully prepared to hear the fluid level was the same. Recently I had been drawn to the story of Job and the men in the Daniel faced with being put in the furnance, that no matter what I will praise God. Last night I just went to the Lord saying that to him that I will be fine and still believe if tomorrow it is the same and stand on His promise and wait until he is born, but I told the Lord that the desire of my heart is to hear that he has a normal brain scan. And, God gave me the desire of my heart today in hearing that the fluid in his brain had disappeared. I could hardly believe it and yet at the same time was not surprised because I truly believe our God is in the business of miracles, He is the healer, that He keeps His promises, speaks to us, and if we delight in Him He will give us the desires of our Heart (Psalm 34:7). I hope you are encouraged today and for whatever trial and circumstance you are faced with that your heart be strengthened that He will carry you through.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers! I will never doubt the power our prayers have!


Dawn said...

What a wonderful blessing! When is Titus due to arrive? I am so thankful for you and your family!

MiniMe Mom said...

I am so happy! What a wonderful blessing!

I am sure you are so relieved!

Jen said...

I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to hear the news when Titus is born.

Lisa (iVillage, Christian sisters bulletin) said...

God Bless your family. God is so AWESOME isn't HE? He truly is a miracle worker and I whole heartedly know that God is in the miracle working business. Thank God that you now have a beautiful son who is 100% healthy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and I know that God is smiling on you and your son for unspeakable faith!!