Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh MY!

We have had quite the July so far. Lots of activity and lots of stories. Justice in particular has kept us on the go and on our toes.
A couple of Saturdays ago, 7/14, Justice got up from his nap and I got a lovely surprise as I went to get my little boy up. He was covered in poop! Lately he has been sticking his hand down in his diaper, which I am told is a part of toddlerhood. The poop was in his hair, on his face and around his mouth (I don't want to think about why it was near his mouth). Well anyway, we have been trying to remodel, well paint and change a few fixtures in our bathroom, so pretty much every Saturday we have been working on it. We couldn't use it on these Saturdays including the tub and he desparately needed the tub. So, I had to haul him to our Shower and put him in the baby bath and scrub him down. Lovely afternoon! It didn't faze Justice at all, just lots of fun for mommy!
Titus has been laughing at mommy for awhile now, but hadn't laughed at Daddy until 7/15. We make sure and brainwash our kiddos from birth (or even while in mommy) to be Auburn fans, but really I think it is in their blood. Ron was talking to Titus and telling him "Auburn Tigers" and making the sound of a Tiger and with this Daddy got his first giggle out of him. It was the cutest thing!
I am calling Titus my hoss. I don't think of him as chunky as I walk around with him during the day, but then I look over at me carrying him in the mirror and I just look in amazement at my little hoss baby. On 7/19 he weighed 15 lbs. 7.6 oz. He is only in the 75th percentile for weight, but because he is so low in percentile in height it magnifies his chub. We are working on his rolling over, he can get to his side some now. But boy, he is good with his hands. He is a very grabby baby. Earrings, necklaces, anything nearbly he is after and tries with gusto to get it into his mouth. I am quite impressed with his ability to use his hands at his age like he does.
A not so good story from this past week, Sunday actually 7/22, Justice had a little accident. Daddy was cutting the grass and turned the mower off to dump the grass and turned to do it and Justice put his hand on the top of the mower and burned his left hand pretty good leaving some good size blisters that we have had to treat. You can't turn your eyes from kids for one second! Poor thing, we have kept his hand wrapped so he won't mess with the blisters and get his hand dirty to prevent infections. This is by far his worst injury.
We are busily planning for Justice's 2nd birthday. It is going to be a simple gathering in our yard to just enjoy Justice and celebrate our little boy.
Well, that is all for now. I am sleepy from a long, but good day with the boys and am going to call it a day. I will post new pics of Titus hopefully tomorrow. Blessings!

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