Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Justice Turns 2!

Justice is 2 years old! I can hardly believe it! I have a two year old! We had such a blast throwing Justice his first official birthday party. Last year it was just family and very low key. This year we invited his play friends and their families and had a great, great time. The kiddos played and were very well behaved I must say. We had BBQ, watermelon, cake and ice cream. Everything just went so well. I couldn't have been more pleased. As I prepared for this party I thought about the many years ahead of birthdays and how I want each year for my kids to feel special and loved on their important day. I treasure them so much and want them to know they are a blessing to us. We don't go overboard by any means. I am not going to spend hundreds of dollars as some parents do. I think you can let your kids know what they mean to you in much simpler ways, but the depth is still there. One funny story from the party was when we started singing "Happy Birthday" to Justice, he just beamed with pride that everyone was singing to him and he held his fists in the air and shouted with glee "Bur-DAY!" and kept shouting it over and over as we all laughed. He was so cute. He was also all over the place. You could hardly get a good picture of him, but he enjoyed himself thoroughly. He didn't even stop to get cake and ice cream. We are truly blessed to have him here!
His favorite gift that day had to have been the baloons as you could see below. We also got him a play lawn mower, a play tent (he loved!), T'Ball set, punching blow up toy, and a coloring book with wonder markers. From Maw-maw he got a play cement truck, from neighbors Ayden, Josh, and Anna he got a bat and ball, a truck from Little Richard, Wendy and Richard, and from Jean and Lee Douglass he got Leap Frog Letter Magnet Set. Everyone was so nice to think of him!


Dawn said...

It is hard to believe he's 2 already, isn't it?? Time goes so fast.

Love the bag shown below - I'm going to do a post one of these days about my bagy-lady tendencies. Love bags!

Barbara said...

Great cake, my son loves football too...but he got a spiderman cake instead because I wasn't sure how to make the football one.

Great bag below, I love those colors