Sunday, November 16, 2008

DIY Personalized Gift Basket for girlfriend,sister,mother

DIY gift basket for a personalized Christmas Gift to a Girlfriend, Sister, or Mother
Sometimes purchasing just one Christmas gift for a special girlfriend, sister, or mother is not as personalized as you would like, or does not quite seem to accurately express your love for her. For these times, the only thing to do is a "Do It Yourself" personalized gift basket. Then you will have the gift exactly fitting to the person that you want.
Before you get started on your DIY personalized gift basket, think about that special lady in your life whether a mother, sister or friend. What are her interests, hobbies, or current events happening in here life? Is she going on a Christmas vacation to an exotic island, on a cruise, on a snow-filled Christmas ski trip? Has she recently moved into a new house or will soon be relocating to a new city or town.
The written word may be the thing for your special lady is drawn to. Preparing a basket to help her enjoy that escape may be just the right gift. Giving her a gift card to a bookstore is just the start for this present. Think about the essentials to make an evening curling up to a good book an event and not just something to do. Combine the gift card with some fragrant tea, an embroidered fleece throw, a personalized hazelnut candle, decadent chocolate, and a monogrammed book mark. Add anything that would enhance her enjoyment of her favorite pastime.
May be your friend is all about traveling and experiencing the world. You can make her travels a reminder of your friendship by giving her accessories to wear along the way and travel goodies to use. If going to the beach is wear she frequents you can’t go wrong with a monogrammed shell pendant and earrings to go with her surroundings, and embroidered baseball cap to keep the sun out of her face, and an extra large embroidered beach towel. Don’t forget after sun care cream and an embroidered bath wrap to end the day with. Think about where she visits most and make your gift selections to match.
Your mother or mother-in-law may be a great hostess and throwing the perfect party is her thing. Maybe she is a socialite and loves attending charity events. Help her be the perfect hostess with a gift basket full of entertaining pieces such as an engraved cutting board, engraved acrylic pitcher and serving tray, napkin ring holders, and scented monogrammed soap to adorn her guest bathroom. For outings to dinner parties, the opera, or fancy restaurant great classic jewelry pieces such as a monogrammed sterling silver ornate pendant, sterling silver round ring, and a monogrammed sterling silver thin wide cuff bracelet are a great way to help her complete her elegant nighttime look. She will feel special and stand out at her events with your special touch.
You can’t go wrong with giving your sister or mother family remembrance items. Great items to go with this every person basket are charming photo books, engraved picture frames, or personalized pewter lockets to display their family photos with. Put together a video with special family memories, handmade Christmas ornaments or framed children’s artwork to give your loved one to help her remember family even when they are away. Making a special effort to remind her of her families love will touch her heart and yours… A DIY personalized gift basket will definitely touch the heart of your special friend, mother, or sister, and rest assured that they will remember your gift this Christmas.


Ida said...

Love your website and personalized gift ideas. I love your music too!

daniel said...

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Waseem said...

Can this basket is used for Custom gift cards?