Saturday, November 01, 2008

Activities and Changes

Quick Update. Life is busy with two toddlers. I rarely get a chance to collect my thoughts, let alone post them. Our boys are growing up doing lots of things. This fall we have been busy with activities and changes. Justice started preschool after Labor Day and has thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so glad I decided to send him. He has gotten so much out of it. His speech has improved and has greatly diminished his "Justice talk." He loves his little classmates and teacher Miss Donna. He talks about going all the time. He has learned songs and has solidified his colors. Days when he goes gives me an opportunity to spend time with Titus and run errands with him. We have gotten our tags renewed, taken Titus' portraits, gone to the grocery store, Target runs, etc. It is good for Titus to have some time to enhance his speech. He is not very verbal yet and we are focusing on getting that going. Titus is however very smart and mechanical. He loves to figure out how things work, take things apart, stack them, and put them together. He is loads of fun to watch. We have also taken a Mommy & Me Music Class on Mondays where both boys have really gotten a lot out of. Titus particulary loves the hand movements like Itsy Bitsy spider and Five Fat Peas. Justice loves the action songs like the Trott Trott song, humpy dumpty, and jump Johnny Giraffe where we march around the room. We will end class this Monday, but start up again in January. The boys have enjoyed it so much. We also started Justice in a Start Smart Soccer program, which ended up being more work than I anticipated. He really wasn't quite ready for structured sports. The program consisted of running drills with mom/dad's direction. He participated about 50% of the time, mostly he wanted to point out the planes flying over, playing with the sister of one of the children, and running around. But, it was a good time to get him out and get some exercise, but I think he needs another year before I get him involved in anything like that again. He did get a certificate and trophy to keep. Both boys had their first Dentist appointments which both went surprisingly well. Titus didn't want to let the hygenist look at his teeth, but the dentist had me sit Titus in my lap and put Titus' head in his lap and he cleaned his teeth with authority. They are really good with working with little ones. Justice did awesome, he let them brush his teeth with the special toothbrush and floss as well as do a little scraping too. Titus had his second urinary surgery this past week and hopefully his last surgery EVER! I hated having him go through that and the pain afterwards was worse than the first time. Changes to come soon include a new church, new addition to our home with a sunroom and extra bedroom, and a new addition to our family. Yes, I am expecting our 3rd little one in June/July. I am excited and feeling good so far at 5 weeks. It is a surprise, but a good one.

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Jen said...

I haven't stopped by here for awhile, but I'm glad to hear everything is going well. Congratulations on your recent pregnancy!