Friday, October 13, 2006

Since My Last Post...

Time just gets busier and busier it seems right now. A lot has been going on, people visiting, my birthday, playgroups, doc. appmnts., etc. God remains faithful and good to us. Over the weekend last Ron's dad and stepmom came down from Wyoming to see Justice for the first time. The visit went well and we were able to stay the weekend at my mother's place on the farm. My stepdad actually took Justice for a little ride on the fourwheeler as you can see in the picture. I was a little nervous, but Justice loved it! The farm was a great time! They have horses, cows, tractors, and hay. Justice was facinated with it all. Ron's folks were glad to have stayed there since it is more like their home out in the countryside of Wyoming.
The tummy is growing and it well should be, I am 18 weeks so far. It is still not obvious to the world, but those who know me well can see a difference. I have pulled out my maternity wear finally. Monday I went Maternity clothes shopping with my mother. It is really difficult finding small sizes in maternity clothes. But, I did find several good things that I think will transition as I grow. I continue to feel lots of movement by this baby, more than with Justice. I think he/she is more active than he was. October 19th is only now 5 days away for the big ultrasound. It will be a big day
Tuesday was my 25th birthday. It was a very special day. My loved ones did a wonderful job of making me feel loved and appreciated. Ron sent me flowers during the day. My mom made me a beautiful cake and kept Justice for Ron and I to see a movie. The movie we saw was actually Facing the Giants, an independent film about God and high school football made by a church in Albany, GA. If it is playing near you I highly recommend it. I was touched an challenged in my Christian walk after seeing this film. It is low budget and the real beauty of the film is the message about giving your trials to God and honoring Him through it all. I was very blessed by it.
Wednesday I continue to go to Bible Study for mothers. It has been so wonderful! God has taught me a lot and the fellowship with the other moms has been so needed! I am growing as a person as well.
This weekend I hope to be relaxing and peaceful. We would like some time just to be a family. Be blessed!

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Kristen said...

I have heard of that movie and would like to see it, but haven't noticed it playing anywhere around here.

I'm glad you got to enjoy your birthday! I'm anxious to find out what you're having!! (boy or girl, I mean)!

Dawn said...

I have heard good things about that movie. I'm glad such things are being created.

Happy birthday! I was 25 when I got married. You are way ahead of me!

Jen said...

That's such a cute picture! I'm sure Justice loved all the animals on the farm!