Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sweet Days

Yesterday Justice stood from a sitting position for the first time. He also did it several times in a row. I was such a proud momma. We are really rooting for him to walk since it is about time, he is 14 1/2 mos. old. I would like to cross it off my list of milestones for him regardless of people telling me that I should be glad because once he walks I will be chasing him more. I was very happy when he learned to crawl and know I will be elated with his walking, but I am being patient and keep telling myself that anywhere between 9 and 18 mos. is normal for walking. Otherwise, his vocabulary grows and I loose track of all the words he is saying. His latest favorites are sun and moon and he points to them in a book we have. His little voice is just too precious for words and he is so proud when he gets a word right. He is able to repeat us very well. Babies are just little sponges soaking up knowledge with their new discoveries. It is so exciting to be apart of that journey they are on. It makes me think about the journey I will be on with him teaching him about Jesus, the Bible, and how to live a life of integrity in this world. In my Bible study we are focusing this week on raising godly children and the awesome task it is. I look forward to delving into the material and learning how to be a good mommy for my children. I was putting Justice down this afternoon and had a little moment with God. I have been playing a Christian lullaby CD for him as I put him down. This was the same CD I played when I brought him home from the hospital and pulled it out again. I had just laid him in the bed and began to cry thinking about bringing him home from the hospital and listening to this same song. I sat and prayed over my little boy and the little baby in me, blessing them and covering them with the Lord's love. I asked for God's help to make me the mommy He wants me to be and what my children need me to be. It can be quite overwhelming at times, but I know He will be with me every step of the way. What a comfort that is!
Tomorrow I go for my ultrasound to find out if I am having a boy or girl, Titus or Mikayla. I am so excited and cannot wait to really call this child by name and prepare our hearts and home for this precious life. God bless and here again tomorrow.

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