Monday, October 30, 2006

We Have Some Walking!

Finally, we have some walking going on! Hurray! The past couple of weeks we have steadily been walking at times. He has taken as many as 10 steps in a row and will consistently take 2-3 steps when prompted. He is still lacking in motivation. He is quite content with crawling and getting him around. But, we are trying to get him on two legs as much as possible. On Sunday I put him in the Toddler class at church to hopefully get him around walkers to motivate him to do the same. I think that babies and children learn a lot from being around their peers who are doign things. I know he will get there. I just hope it is soon so I can cross walking off my list and by the time Titus comes he will be a good walker.

Justice also just got over a major cold last week. I had thought he had had a bad cold earlier this fall, but oh no, this one was much worse. He had so much congestion this time that he would cough so much and throw up. He also had a fever for a day and a half. But, after about a week, we were recooperating. His nose still runs and some coughing remains, but we are on the mend.

His schedule still is up in the air from day to day. I don't know whether he will take one or two naps any given day. Today he went down for his morning nap at 10, which was perfect and hopefully he will go down for an afternoon snooze too. We shall see. It seems to work better for his lunchtime if he can get a morning nap, but then it is hard to get him down in the afternoon and I know he needs one to be pleasant at night, so I have to pick which battle I want to fight. I guess I lean towards getting a morning nap if at all possible.

Well, I have to go get my shower before little guy wakes up and I am going to go visit my mom. I hope to write more later this week. Blessings!


Paige said...

Ugh, this cold that is going around here is horrible. My youngest has it. She had a fever for 2 days and her nose is horrible........again. She just got over a nasty one about a week ago with a cough that is still lingering. That cough has lasted for almost a month.

Dawn said...

Lots of junk is going around up here. The university has me scared to death with e-mails and brochures about preparing for a "pandemic!" I pray my grands don't get it, or any of us for that matter.

Sounds like Justice is on his own time line and isn't in a hurry. That's okay - he won't go to kindergarten on his knees! Of course, it'd be tough to still have to carry him when the new one comes!

Jen said...

He'll get walking down quickly. Last month Megan barely had learned to walk and now she's running! I'm sorry he's been sick. Megan's on her 3rd set of antibiotics for a nasty ear infection. I'm even more a big believer in nursing. I stopped nursing her at 13 1/2 months and she's been sick twice! Hope he feels better soon, and get on your running shoes!