Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back to the Doctor

I took Titus to his 2 mos. checkup this morning and it was a good thing we had this appointment as he was getting more congested and starting to wheeze the night before. But, Praise the Lord, no hospital this time, we were sent home with instructions to do breathing treatments 3x a day and come back on Friday to see how he was doing. At this appointment he was 11 lbs. 2 oz. with a dry diaper on and I don't think his height was accurate at 20 3/4 inches long. I think he is more like 21 1/4 like we had measured the week before.

Though he is sick he is still smily. We were sitting with the nurse and he was just a grinning at me and trying to talk. He loves to look at bright objects and he smiles and goos at them. What a sweet, sweet baby! I finally ordered prints of Titus and his birth announcement. A little late, but pretty good considering I am juggling two little ones. What a challenge it is. I think I get better at it though. We are getting into a pretty solid routine. And part of that routine involves both boys going for naps at the same time, for which I am so grateful. I can get a little nap and do some things around the house or hop on the computer like I am now. So, things are coming together for us.


Dawn said...

What a sweetie! Smiling even when he is having trouble breathing. I know you're tired, but are doing well with your new routine. Keep up the good work, Mommy!

Dawn said...

Happy, happy Mother's Day - twice!

Jen said...

I hope things will slow down for you a little bit. Titus is a cutie pie!