Sunday, May 06, 2007

Feelings and Stories to Tell

Here is my precious little Titus smiling for the camera for the first time on 4/27/07. He is a very smily little baby. He is really getting to be a talker too. It is so cute! He acts like he really wants to talk and what comes out is just plain adorable "Ah Goo." I love the first smiles and goos and coos. It is just amazing to watch these little human beings develop into little people and discover life and all it has to offer. Raising children allows you to go back and take a fresh look at the simple things in life like airplanes and bright colors that we don't notice anymore. Justice learning new words and repeating them over and over is like he has just figured out something akin to the discovery of a complicated mathematical equation. I love it!

I am amazed at Justice's growing up so much lately. He has now figured out how to open any lotion, makeup, bottle, etc. He can twist the caps off them now, open up the top to just about anything. For instance, today, I found him in the middle of the living room covered in my facial cream that has a top that twists. I didn't realize he could do that, but he sure can now! I have to tell you, right after this I was feeding Titus and he had the biggest poo-poo and it went out of his diaper. So, I had him on the changing table and he proceeded to pee and I covered him up with wipes and was picking him up (no diaper) and simi wrapped in a towel to get him in the baby tub to clean him off. As I walked to the kitchen he pee-peed again all over me and the living room floor since the towel I had put on him apparently did not cover him completely where it needed to. I just had to laugh, get in the bathtub with Titus since I needed a bath as well. I didn't mention Justice was in his high chair refusing to eat the pears I put on his table and still hadn't dressed him from the face cream incident so I had to get him down and put in Elmo to keep his attention while I tended to Titus and I. What an afternoon!

We are a growing bunch as well. Titus is now around 11 lbs. and 21 1/4 inches long at 2 mos. old. Justice is 24 lbs. and 31.5 inches long at 21 mos. I could tell recently Justice was growing a lot as he was eating like a pig and drinking tons of milk or "mulk" as he says it. Justice would wake up and whine for his "mulk" and drink sometimes 14 oz. at a time a couple of weeks ago. We got his hair cut yesterday (Ron had to literally hold him down to do so) and now he just looks like such a little boy and not even remotely like a baby. He is still my baby boy though. Titus also has caught another little cold. He is just having a rough little 2 mos. of his life with the RSV and now a cold. It isn't too bad, but I am having to torture him with suctioning out his poor little nose. He hates when I do it, but it has to be done to make him feel better.

Getting out with two has proved to be such a stress to me. This week I got out 4 out of 5 days and by the end of the week I was exhausted. I am going to try to stick to home more this week. I am glad I can get out with two. It is possible, but I am definitely going to be more selective about when I do it from now on. If it is necessary I will go, but if it can wait until I have someone to look after the kiddos or let Ron go instead. Especially as the weather gets hotter it is just very taxing to load two in and out of the car and carry them in wherever we go.

Well, overall we are good. I love my boys and am facinated with them each day and so grateful for their presence in my life. It is very sobering to me that they have been placed by God in my care. What a huge responsibility and high calling that parents have with children.

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Dawn said...

There is absolutely nothing more fun that watching children develop - the second time around is even more amazing, if I remember correctly. I'm glad you're taking the time to enjoy it all.

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