Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall and the Boys

Fall Weather has me and the boys outside most of the time these days. The weather has been amazing. Although we sure could use the rain and pray for it to come. We are doing well. The boys are fun and can wear me out at the same time. Titus I am pleased to report has slept 10 hours for two nights in a row, but as soon as I write this he will probably change. I hope not, I love the sleep. He is growing a lot. Chubby as ever. I haven't gotten a chance to get him weighed lately, but I am guessing around 18 lbs. He is one squirmy baby, he really wants to move. While we are outside though, he is just content to sit in that stroller and chew on the straps while I chase Justice around. Justice just runs around. He likes stomping on the water grates or picking up balls and throwing them at me to catch. Today I just sat Titus in the grass on a blanket with toys around and he played so well. Daddy carved our very first pumpkin for our family today. I will post a picture when I get a chance. We picked the pumpkin out on our trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday.
My mother, the boys, myself, and my niece and nephew took off for the pumpkin patch on Friday. It was a glorious fall day. My friend Jean and her son joined us as well. We played out front of the country store for the first hour. Justice rode a mini tractor and threw balls around while my niece and nephew enjoyed the inflatable park. We rode a hey ride up to a real pumpkin patch and picked out a beauty to carve and a little pumkin for Justice. Justice enjoyed seeing all the "punkins" and got to shuck corn and pick cotton. It was a blast. He also rode a train, sat on a bright red tractor, and saw some chocolate brown horses. What a day! He was exhausted and took a nap on the car ride home. It was all and all a great experience for him and he got lots of good outdoor time. I am all about getting him outside to enjoy God's beauty and keep him active and not sitting in the house all day.

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Katy McCay said...

Emily, so good to hear from you! Aren't 2 boys just the best thing in the world? I wouldn't have it any other way. Your boys are precious. My boys love the outside, also. My email is katymccay@gmail.com if you want to catch-up.