Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gift Giving Dilemma

The gift giving season is vastly approaching. With all the options and choices, it can be overwhelming to get started. The task is daunting. Where should I start? How much should I spend? How can I do this without stressing myself out? It is important to get yourself organized and ready for the shopping season ahead, so that you can relax and enjoy the meaningfulness of this time of year with family.It may sound simple, but the first task is to create a list of everyone you have to buy for. This way there is no chance you will show up at dear husband’s family get together and have forgotten his Aunt Pearl. It will also be helpful as you shop to know who you are looking for and check off the people you have bought for as you go. You won’t have to stop and think, “Did I get cousin Suzy anything yet?” Keep the list with you to have it ready to update at any time.Don’t be afraid to go with a signature gift. Many people are afraid to give the same thing to everyone on their list, but if it is something that is unique and will remind people of you, it is special. It is even better if you can have the gifts personalized as well. Classic signature gifts may include picture frames with a family photo, monogrammed soap or candles, engraved pendants on a timeless silver chain, or embroidered hand towels. The options go on and on and can be just as thoughtful.Pick out one thing or characteristic about each of the people on your list to single out for your gift giving. If your sister-in-law loves to cook, it would be great to go with an engraved Cherry Wood cutting board for her to use. If your Uncle is all about basketball, then splurge on tickets to his team’s big game. The niece that lives for fashion on your list might like a personalized shell pendant to add to her accessory collection. Narrowing your list to one thing about each person can keep you from looking at everything out there on wondering if each person likes each item you see.It is a good idea to keep in mind two questions “Will this person use this?” and “Will this person enjoy this?” Your husband might need a new pack of socks, but will he find it as enjoyable as the new release DVD he wants to add to his collection. Your mother may go on about how she needs a new set of knives, but an engraved mothers bracelet with a special message on the back may warm her heart and be more meaningful to her in the long run. Getting that full face grin and hearing the words “Oh, I love it!” is the aim and goal.You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of December and haven’t started on your shopping. Start early and be smart. Narrow your choices and have a plan. Shopping should be fun and not a cause for concern. With a few steps of strategy the gift buying can be joyful and a reflection of the warmth in your heart for your loved ones.Happy Shopping!Love EmilyRoseJewellery

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