Thursday, November 06, 2014

Challenges and Blessings Go Hand in Hand

My children constantly remind me of God's truths! They constantly teach me life lessons and lead me to the heart of God! Today was a day that I am reminded that the hardest things we face in life often lead to the greatest blessings! This seems to be particularly true and pertinent in parenting! We struggle and churn. We cry and ache. Our hearts are pulled and stretched. We pour our soul out to God and beg for answers! Sometimes the answers come and sometimes we wait.

Today, I watched and listened as my son, Justice, spoke to a room full of children and parents about what he learned this semester in his after school Bible study. I reflected on this past year in his life and was in awe of what the Lord had done in his life! I recounted the tears and sadness, frustrations and anger we had experienced. I remembered the late night talks and encouraging words, prayers and Bible verses I had shared with him. I thought about the daily prayers I had made for him. God has truly done a work in his heart and life this past year! I could not have been more blessed to hear his heart! We still have many more years ahead of us in raising him to be a man after God's heart and struggles continue in areas, but this day I just blessed!

After getting home I spent an hour with Titus doing homework. The hour was not spent totally working on homework, it was a constant battle to refocus and stay on task. He wanted to roll around dive head first into my lap or check on what his brothers were doing in another room. Many things in life are a struggle to do with Titus. He doesn't want to get off the computer to take a bath or go outside and play if he has spent too much time on a video game. He has had intense eating issues since infancy. He has had many health issues and developmental delays. This past year I finally received his Autism Spectrum diagnosis. It was expected and was hoped for. I wanted him to receive the right services and be understood better by others. I know Titus, I love Titus for who he is, but I knew it would help others to understand him better. Nothing changed the day I found out. Titus is Titus. He is an amazing little boy, surprises me daily and gives me a greater perspective on life. All the therapy, extra effort and patience he needs is so worth it. The challenges that are a part of raising him make the little moments of success that much sweeter. From the small things like flying through a math sheet, big bear hugs of happiness when he earns all smiley faces to getting all E's (A's for those not in early elementary school), are huge blessings to me!

I really want to keep this perspective in the front of my mind. Challenges in life often lead to the greatest blessings. The challenges and struggles are what makes the moments in the sun that much more bright. The things worth having in life come with trials and work. "We know that God works all things together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose." Rom. 8:28. The tough things in life so often lead to good.

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