Friday, October 31, 2014

The Tale of Two Days!

Wow! How good a bath feels at the end of a long, busy day! Add a little stress/tension relief bath salts and I am back in business! Haha!

I had the tale of two days today! I had a glorious time with Titus at the Pumpkin Patch! It was the perfect fall day and Titus ate up every moment! I love when I can see my child get fulfillment and his love tank filled! It was glorious!

The rest of the day, not so good! Chase has an ear infection, rushing to get things done, discovering my cat peed on my bathroom mat, getting kids in bed, my brain not working due to lack of sleep, here we are at 11:30 again, blogging!

I have got to get to bed, I have a full day tomorrow, making memories, raising young men, teaching, loving, growing! So, I leave tonight, with one of my favorite quotes that keeps me going, from a very inspiring movie...Finding Nemo as Dori would say "Just keep swimming." That is what I intend to do!

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