Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Crazy Week

Last week was crazy! Actually I think with a baby these types of weeks come with the territory. Last Saturday Justice ended up getting really sick with a cold that ended up being the worst cold he has ever had as I had posted last week. On Monday, I came down with the cold. Thankfully by Wednesday I was feeling much better. Then, I was taking with my friend Ashley on Wednesday and she was telling me about a friend of hers has a son with chicken pox and had had the vaccine and everything. On Wednesday night I was undressing Justice for his bath and discovered a rash on his chest I would later find out was chicken pox. Most likely he actually got it from the vaccine. I was very grateful that he never itched, had a fever, or felt bad from the chicken pox. It was just a pain because I had to cancel outings with friends because I just didn't want to chance there children getting it although the nurse said he wasn't contagious. The tail end of our week last week Ron got the cold as well. My stepdad also came down with the cold. It just got passed around our family unfortunately. But, on a postive note our weekend was a blast. My mom kept Justice so that Ron and I could go to the Auburn vs. WA State game Sat. night. We had such a good time seeing Auburn romp the competition. There were fireworks on and off the field, literally--at the halftime show and at the end of the game there were actual fireworks. The rest of the weekend we again spent at the lake swimming and having fun. Tomorrow I am traveling to Birmingham to finally get to see my nephew who was born on June 30th. I will report on that trip when I return, until then, blessings!


Ashley said...

that's a great picture of justice! glad to hear the chicken pox thing wasn't a big deal and everyone's healthy now. sickness is no fun! be careful going to b'ham. talk to you soon

Dawn said...

Chicken pox can be really awful. Sounds like he was spared the worst. Now it's over with and you don't have to worry about it any more!

Thanks for your comment - Prayer definitely changes things! God is good, All the Time!

Weary Parent said...

Chicken pox can be as hard on you as it is the kids. Glad that the worst of it is behind you.

sp :)

Kristen said...

Poor Justice! At least it's over with now and he won't have to worry about it later on in life. Sorry he felt so sick, though! :-(

Jen said...

What a busy week you've had!

Linda said...

This is my first visit to your blog as I'm relatively new to blogging. I'm trying to get to "know" some of the other bloggers. I'm a grandma, so I read the posts written by young mothers with lots of nostalgia. When my children were little, there wasn't a chicken pox vaccine (boy- I sound absolutely ancient!). My oldest got it first, then my younger son, and his was an awful case. My daughter got it years later. I'm glad your little one only had a light case.
It's nice to get to meet you.

Michelle said...

Wow, you've had a lot going on! Have a good trip.

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