Friday, September 22, 2006

My Great Find of the Day

This is the double stroller of my dreams! I am so jazzed about finding it. My mother placed an order for it today off Although the birth is still quite a few months away, I hadn't seen anything that fit what I wanted in a double stroller. I almost bought one at our consignment sale last night, but lost out when I stepped away for a moment, but after finding this one I realize that it was a sign that the perfect one was still out there. This is the Jeep Wagoneer Tandem stroller by Kolcraft, stadium seating, cup holders for mommy and babies, rear seat accomodates my car seat, a huge bottom compartment for baby bag, purse, etc., and a steering wheel with horn for the front seat. If you can't tell, I am very excited. God is just bringing to me all the things I have felt would be great for baby #2. He is truly blessing me. Last night I got an amazing deal on a top of the line swing--Fisher Price Nature's Touch swing, regularly $190.00 at Babies R' Us for $75.00! Yay! It is the best swing playing music, multiple speeds, cushy chair that reclines so you can use it from birth, I am in Heaven. A couple of weeks ago when I went to Birmingham I bought a Sling Carrier by Infantino that is so comfortable and I even tried it out with my two month old nephew. It is great! So, I am only 15 weeks pg, but am pretty much done with shopping for baby #2, other than clothes if I am having a girl.


Tee said...

I'm jealous! LOL. Sometimes I want another baby just for all the cool new gear they come out with ;) Hee hee...

I wonder what we'll be able to buy for our grandkids one day?!

I see your baby is due March 14. If you're overdue about 2 weeks then the baby will be born on my birthday :) (Happy thought, huh? Sorry bout that! LOL.)

Very nice to "meet" you. Thanks for stoppping by my blog and taking the time to leave such a nice comment.

God bless!

Dawn said...

That's a beauty. Some of the double ones are so long and clumsy. We have the umbrella double stroller by Kolcraft. I love it, except it's about an inch too wide to get through most doorways easily.

Jane said...

That is so great. I know that will make your life easier. I wish I had had one when my boys were little. My boys were 17 1/2 months apart and a double stroller would have been fabulous.

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. I pray God will bless you and your family and that you will deliver a healthy baby.

Deana said...

I understand that the Jeep strollers are wonderful. They rank the highest with the moms I know and I am sure their double will be nice!
Congrats on your pregnancy. Thank you so much for your visit. I have been looking around your blog and you seem like such a genuine, good person. Kind and thankful.....All best to you and your family!