Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thankful For Joy

I'm not talking just about my dog Joy, although she is truly a joy. Today I am reflecting on little joys that God has blessed me with lately and some things were from unexpected situations. I took this picture the other day while I had Justice out in our front yard. I just love watching him discover things. He just crawled around in the grass, picked up sticks, and pulled weeds (good for us especially). As the weather has cooled down I expect to do a lot more of this.
Yesterday, I was feeling the most rotten I have felt in a long time. After I put Justice down to bed all I could do was lay on the couch. My dear husband brought me a blanket, water, and at one point picked me up and took me to the bathroom to get ready for bed. He was so sweet doing these things for me! So, in a very yucky situation I received a blessing.
Today has been wonderful as well. Finally after over a month my friends and I had a playgroup together. It was so great to see their children, they are really growing up and becoming so active. I could not believe it. We also had some great adult conversations I miss having all day. It is such a blessing to have these friends who help me out and we all help each other out with our different parenting and relationship issues we have in our lives. It is a lot of fun just hanging out and fellowshipping together.
I am stressed out a lot over our finances as I have shared in past posts. I get so frustrated at rising bills and grocery budgets. I am anxious and worried how we get from month to month from time to time. The other night as I was sitting praying and reading my Bible I was journaling my prayer over our finances and I really felt the Lord in my prayer and the words came to me to know what to pray. Often times in situations where we are down or frustrated it can be hard to put into words what we need to pray for. This night the words came to me and I knew what I needed to pray. It was so comforting lifting up the Lord what I was really feeling and knowing the right words that would express the desire of my heart for our family's finances. It was truly a great God moment touching my life.


Magnolia Mom said...

Sometimes it's hard to believe that He is listening, but it's wonderful when your prayers are answered. I'll be praying for you. I know we don't know each other that well, but I'm just down the street and I always have an open ear! :-)

Ashley said...

i had so much fun yesterday! i love getting together with you and jean but adding cali (calley?) was really nice. i love all the different thoughts and ideas we all have. i actually was contemplating writing a post on friends in general. i think i will (eventually).

finances get us down a lot too. i've actually been contemplating going to work full time. it is just getting harder and harder. it seems like the more we try to save and not spend, the more we end up spending. the grocery budget is really killing us. i always shop the ads and use coupons but it is still just way way way too much. the next step is going to be cutting off our cable and dsl. they are nice but unnecessary. it'd be better to stay home w/ little bit.

get to feeling better and always know that if you need someone or something, i'm around!

Cris said...

Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed reading this post. We have a lot of troubles with our finances too. It really takes it's toll on you will all the stress. I just have to continue to remind myself everyday that God is in control. He has helped us this far. And He is a faithful God, so there is no reason to believe that He won't continue to help us where we need it.

Kudos to your husband. What he did was really sweet. And it's always the little things that really go a long way. I will say a prayer for you that things will turn around soon. Until then, hang in there and continue relying on Him. :)

ablondeblogger said...

Awww, your husband sounds so sweet! That is a blessing!

I'll say a prayer for your financial situation. I admire your faith and trust in God!

And your baby is ADORABLE!!!

Dawn said...

Finances are the pits! I remember the early years and all the pinching of pennies I did. It became a habit and I still do it pretty much. I remember being so glad that we didn't drink coffee when it went sky high.

You are blessed with good friends, a great hubby, an adorable baby, another on the way, and a great faith.