Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All About My Babies

Here are the first shots of our new sweetheart on the way. These are the pics from my ultrasound posted about last week. The one I am most impressed with is the shot of the legs below, amazing! I cannot believe this child is inside of me when there is so far no indication if you look at me that this could be going on. I am 12 weeks so far. Still, somewhat nauseated in the early evening, but not too bad. I have been hit with a lovely summer cold, courtesy of Justice who caught it probably from church nursery. So, that hasn't been fun, but I am making it. But, poor Justice, it has been rough! This is his worst illness yet. He has been so congested and his nose is continuously running. Tonight I had to torture him with the nasal aspirator, that might as well be a curse word in our home. He screams bloody murder with each go. I had to do it though, he couldn't breathe out of his nose at all. On more positive notes, he continues to amaze me with his vocabulary abilities. Along with ball, bye, bye, bird, soft he says "saaft," boat, momma, dadda, hey, he is now able to
say versions of the following toe, for rain he says "raahn," and for tiger his says"tie-ah." He can also do the sounds for a cat and tiger. We recently had a funny story with his saying soft. We rub on things that are soft and say soft such as our pet Joy and soft blankets. Well, recently he has gotten facinated with daddy's chest hair. One day daddy had his shirt off and Justice was examining it and all of a sudden he says, "Saaft" He is too cute! He is also progressing on the walking front. He can push his push toy now on his own. When he does it he just beams with pride. It is a major accomplishment for him. He has developed a liking for two PBS shows that are the silliest things ever, but he loves them--"Boobah" and "Teletubbies." He just smiles and giggles with these shows. These are the only shows he likes, no cartoons, just these with silly creatures bouncing around.


Kristen said...

Teletubbies....lucky you! ;-) They are so goofy! He sounds like he's progressing very rapidly!

LOVE the ultra sound pics! I think ultra sounds are one of the best inventions ever, ever!! Do you have any name ideas yet?

Jen said...

Megan has a summer cold too, and I think she caught if from the church nursery too. What a cutie Justice is, and your new little bean is so beautiful!