Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finally, about the One Year Bash!!!

Here is Justice "opening" one of many presents on his one year birthday party on 8/5/06. It was such a fun day! The day started off hectic, at least for me, trying to gather everything to take to the Lake where we would have the party. For such a small gathering we were having, a lot had to be taken--food, the cake, decorations, baby things, presents, etc. I ended up forgetting some decorations and the candle, but thankfully we stopped by a grocery store and got the traditional one year candle. The party started with a boat ride on Lake Martin. It was a beautiful day! A little rain came our way towards the end of the ride, but it helped cool things off. We had a BBQ together with my mom, Ron's Aunt & Uncle and their family. Justice loved all of his presents. We actually got him the cell phone in the picture. It is pretty cool--it is a Parents Magazine toy and has an option where you can record a gretting that plays back. After the dinner and presents, Justice did the traditional cake destroying. We put him on a washable blanket with the cake in front of him wearing only a diaper, which I highly recommend. He was so dainty at first just picking off the icing. I know he thought we were all crazy hooping and nudging him to dive in. By the end he started the smooshing and getting his feet in the cake. We proceeded to give him a thorough washing as the cake was all over him at this point. I wish I had the pictures to put up, but they are being developed. I will post them when I get a chance. All in all it was a perfect day! It was fun to celebrate such an amazing addition to our lives that we could not live without--my Justice. I enjoyed every moment!


Ashley said...

yea! i'm glad you posted about the party. i was anxious to hear more about it. i love getting together with the babies but they make it hard to carry on extensive conversations, what with all the eye poking and hair pulling :) i know jean said she probably wouldn't be able to get together friday but i'll still be available if you're interested. just let me know :)

Amanda said...

Glad you had a good party! sounds like your anniversary celebration was fun too.

Mama Duck said...

LOL sounds like a great time! Lil' Duck was afraid of his cake last year, I'm hoping for a nice mess this year ;).