Tuesday, August 08, 2006


In honor of my son's birthday this past weekend I thought I would post his newborn picture and reflect on this past year for a bit. This post is a little late, but still having my sickness I haven't felt like doing much of anything, so this is better late than never.

Wow, what a year, couldn't have in any way imagined what it would be like. From the first cry, to the first coo, the first smile, laugh, roll over, baby food, to most recently crusing, it has been a whirlwind of milestones and memories. Staying at home with him has been the best thing. I have treasured each day with him. No matter how stressful I can get or exhausted a day makes me, I go to bed joyful each night at the day I have spent with my most precious baby. Baby, he almost isn't a baby anymore, soon it will be so much a memory as he will become a little boy, but he will always be my baby at heart.

Things started off really rough at first with Justice. It was chaos the first three months. I never got to bed before 12 and I had to get up every 2-3 hours for a long time. Nursing issues plagued the first week home with him, but thanks to my lactation nurse, we made it through. Then, once we got the hang of nursing, he wanted to nurse practically every hour. He wouldn't take a bottle for the longest time. He had to sleep on me to sleep at all. Car rides were unthinkable, he wailed the entire time. But, It was heaven to have him. At 3 mos. he fllipped a switch and became the most layed back, easy baby.

I could not have asked for all the wonders he has. He had so much personality and loved to be social from very early on. He had his first real social smile at a little under 4 weeks. He cooed and gooed like crazy soon after. He loved for daddy to rock him by holding him out like he was flying through the air at 4 mos. Five months he was blossoming with making all kinds of noises and faces and continues to this day. Content, he is so content. It has been great just sitting in the floor and playing with things. At 7 mos. he developed a love to be read to. Goodnight Moon quickly became his favorite and still he gravitates to that book. He has also loved other babies and kids for a long time now. He is a chatterbox and a ham. He has always made us laugh.

There is a section in his baby book to write down wishes for my baby. I haven't written in it yet, but over the past year I have developed an answer. I wish for my son to be set apart, to rise above the norm and the peer pressure out there. I want him to be fearless of what others think, but desire to do what God calls him to do. I want him ultimately to rest his life in Jesus Christ and let all else fall into place.

Tomorrow I will post pictures and talk about the birthday bash...It was so much fun!


Mama Duck said...

Awwww. How sweet. Now you have an entry for your baby book as well! Can't wait to hear about his birthday ;).

Ashley said...

glad to hear the birthday thing went well. b and i have finally decided on our guest list (the biggest chore of all for our family b/c if you invite one, you have to invite the other 3. divorce makes things such a challenge) and i'm so excited to get to plan it!

isn't it amazing how fast these little ones grow?? i still have a hard time remembering justice as a baby. i remember the first time i came over to your house (before i had little bit) and how tiny he was but i don't remember him when we started group and he was 3 months. all i can see is his adorable little face just the way it is now :) it gives me such torn feelings. i am so excited for her to grow up and walk and talk but i'm so sad that she is edging toward independence. she's starting to let other people hold her now and while that's a MAJOR relief, it still breaks my heart a little b/c i'm realizing that she doesn't need me 24/7. and then i think about only having 1 more baby (our plan) and that makes me a little sad b/c i'll only get to be pregnant one more time and nurse one more time and hold my own little one for the 1st time one more time. but then i get a little iffy about having 3 b/c whew! it would be tough (financially, physically, and emotionally). such torn feelings!! this was a great post! another thing i can't wait for is to be able to share this journal and her scrapbook and babybook with her one day. anyway, i've rambled on long enough. friday sounds good to me. i'll have to leave by 12:30ish b/c i have to go to work that afternoon but if we do 11am again it will work perfectly. get to feeling better!

Kristen said...

Awww. Happy Birthday, Justice!! Isn't it amazing how fast the time flies?!

I'm so glad he has been such a source of joy for you. He sounds like a wonderful little boy!

Can't wait to see pics!

Jen said...

I love your wishes for Justice. I wish that too for Megan. Bless Justice and bless your new little one in your belly!

BTW- I had horrible morning sickness with Megan. Nothing seemed to help! I had to take Flinstone's vitamins w/ iron instead of prenatals (my doc said their basically the same ingredients, but don't make you as sick). She also suggested any kind of protein can help regulate your blood sugar and make it so you don't feel as sick. I used to eat peanut butter on crackers for that. She also suggested snacking on nuts. Just some advice that might help. It helped me a little, but a little is something when your that sick! Thank goodness something great comes from this. Congratulations again!

Amanda said...

Have a great time celebrating!

Dawn said...

Savor every precious moment. They grow up so fast!! And soon he'll have a sibling.

1girl2boys said...

Aaaaww, how sweet is that baby. Isn't it nice to take a look back sometimes.